Nba results, Jokic beats the Lakers without LeBron, Doncic better than Giannis

The MVP pushes the yellow-violet one step away from disaster, despite Davis. Luka lights up and Dallas is imposed on Milwaukee

Davide Chinellato

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Three games in Italian time to open on Sunday NBA. Nikola Jokic’s show further troubles the Lakers, now almost out of the Play-In too. In Milwaukee, a splendid Euro duel between Doncic and Antetokounmpo, with Luka taking the victory. In Boston yet another convincing proof of the Celtics: this is what happened.

Los Angeles Lakers-Denver Nuggets 118-129
Unattainable. Nikola Jokic is the monster who further distances the Lakers (31 won-47 lost so far) from the Play-In, now more a matter of arithmetic than a solid chance for coach Vogel’s team. Without the injured LeBron James, with Anthony Davis stoically resisting the pain in his right foot (28 points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists), showing stoically how much the Lakers would need him, Los Angeles is looking for that victory in every way. it would keep her clinging to the Play-In train. But he finds himself in front of the mvp, who after the 5 turnovers of the first quarter rises to a devastating level (38 points, 18 rebounds and 6 assists at the end) and drags his Nuggets (47-32) to the fourth victory in the last 5 games . Jokic is a collection of talent and intelligence, a star that shines brighter and brighter and reminds each possession why he is the current MVP and in the running for a historic encore. The Serbian brings his Nuggets with him, helped in particular by Aaron Gordon (24 points and 8 rebounds) and Will Barton (25). The Lakers are losing for the sixth time in a row, certainly not the pace of a team that is struggling to save its season. In addition to Davis, who accompanies each jump with a grimace of pain for that foot that torments him, they find important plays by Russell Westbrook (27 points, 10 rebounds, 7 assists) and Carmelo Anthony (17 but 1/7 shooting): too much little to win.

the match

Davis is devastating in the first 9 ‘(12 points), but when he returns to the bench he takes off his right shoe and waits for the doctors to fix his aching foot. The Lakers close the first quarter ahead 28-24, in the second they find Westbrook (10 points) but Denver finds Jokic after the 5 turnovers of the first period and especially Gordon. It starts again with the Nuggets ahead 62-61 and with a spectacular head-to-head, with Davis doing what his foot allows and Jokic exploding for 15 points in the third period which, however, are not enough to make a difference. Denver starts the last quarter ahead 95-94 and breaks the balance in the last 7 ‘, when under the leadership of Jokic he definitively detaches the Lakers. Davis tries to resist, but the Lakers are not enough: the Play-In is further and further away.
LA Lakers: Davis 28 (11/25 from two, 6/6 free throws), Westbrook 27, Anthony 17. Rebounds: Westbrook 10. Assists: Davis 8.
Denver: Jokic 38 (15/19, 0/3, 8/11 tl), Barton 25, Gordon 24. Rebounds: Jokic 18. Assist: Morris 10.

Milwaukee Bucks-Dallas Mavericks 112-118
Masterpiece. Luka Doncic wins the confrontation between phenomena with Giannis Antetokounmpo and leads Dallas (49-30) to a splendid victory in Milwaukee (48-30) with 32 points and 15 assists. In addition to their extraordinary Slovenian, the Mavs make the difference with the defense, which keeps the Bucks at 44.2% shooting and makes life more complicated than usual for Giannis, despite the 28 points and 10 rebounds. Jason Kidd’s team shows why he has changed gears since January: his defense is stellar, the system that the new coach has built around Doncic’s talent (5th game in a row with at least 30 points) is perfect for enhancing his characteristics and allows companions to always know what is expected of them. In addition to Luka, Dwight Powell shines at the home of the reigning champions, who with 22 points and 13 rebounds signs his best game of the season, and Reggie Bullock, 16 points. Milwaukee, on the second consecutive knockout, turns once again in circles, unable to react when the opponents have leveled up. Giannis, public enemy number 1 of the Mavs defense, was unable to level up, but neither Khris Middleton (11 points and 9 assists but 3/14 shooting) nor Jrue Holiday (20 points and 98 assists, but game in decline) they gave him a hand. In the intense race for top 4 finishes in the East, this knockout could be a problem.

the match

Milwaukee tries to escape with 11 points from Holiday in the first quarter, touches 37-27 with Giannis in the opening of the second but then suffers the reversal of the Mavs, who arrive at the interval ahead 57-55 shooting with 51.2% from the field. Powell at the start of the second half stretches up to 66-57, but Milwaukee overturns everything with a 14-0 run. Doncic’s show (10 points and 6 assists in the period) still keeps Dallas ahead on the siren (90-87) and the Mavs in the fourth period continue to lead, arriving with Bullock on 111-101 with 4’11 “from the end. The guests enter the last minute with a 10-point lead: Milwaukee wakes up late and can’t mend.
Milwaukee: G. Antetokounmpo 28 (12/19, 0/3, 4/8 tl), Holiday 20, Portis 17. Rebounds: G. Antetokounmpo 10. Assist: Holiday 9, Middleton 9.
Dallas: Doncic 32 (6/13, 3/9, 11/14 tl), Powell 22, Bullock 16. Rebounds: Powell 13. Assists: Doncic 15.

Boston Celtics-Washington Wizards 144-102
Playoff march. Boston (49-30) crushes Washington (34-44) at home and takes the second success in a row, continuing the race for placings in the top four of the conference. The show against the Wizards is not just the usual Jayson Tatum (22 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists) and Jaylen Brown (32, 7 and 5): all of Boston is running fast, with the usual defense (the best in the NBA) protagonist and the attack that for three quarters travels over 60% from the field. In the end, Udoka’s 7 men finish with at least 10 points. Washington, already arithmetically out of everything, had won 4 of the 5 previous games but crashed into the Celtics wall: Kristaps Porzingis finished with 17 points and 7 rebounds but did not shine (5/15 shooting) as in previous games) . The merit of the Wizards was to have held for the entire first half, despite the superiority of the Celtics: in the second half, when Boston raised the level further, for Unseld’s team there was nothing more to do. The last to give up was Ish Smith, 16 points and 5 assists from the bench, a bad match for Rui Hachimura, who was without points in 24 ‘.


Brown puts the first 11 points and the Celtics control immediately, widening the gap up to 16 points (59-43 by Smart at 4’43 “from rest) and reaching the interval ahead 70-59, shooting with 63.6% from the field. Boston breaks through the 20-point lead for the first time with a triple from Horford three minutes into the second half: the hosts from that point on are overflowing and never look back.
Boston: Brown 32 (8/12, 4/5, 4/4 tl), Tatum 22, White 17. Rebounds: Horford 8. Assists: Smart 7, Tatum 7.
Washington: Porzingis 17 (3/12, 2/3, 5/5 tl), Caldwell-Pope 17 (6/13, ¼, 2/2 tl), Smith 16. Rebounds: Porzingis 7, Hachimura 7. Assist: Satoransky 7.


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