Nico Cereghini: “Aprilia, passion and love” – ​​MotoGP

The first historic victory in MotoGP confirms the goodness of the project and rewards Espargaro, Albesiano, Rivola, the entire racing department. And it convinces fans: the Piaggio group is serious. In a month, in Misano, it will be a great party …

April 4, 2022

C.hello everyone! It is a Sunday evening that we will remember for a long time, that of yesterday with Aprilia’s first MotoGP victory. It’s true, he was in the air after the pole and the first outings of the year, however … But Aleix Espargaro hadn’t yet won a GP, and Martin didn’t let go, and the Aprilia rider threw himself into some furious detachments at risk , and until the last corner it seemed to share the very high tension of the wall and the garage. Sometimes the slightest smudge is enough to compromise everything …

The enthusiasm was palpable even after several hours, (watch the live broadcast of Zam with Lorenzo Savadori), at the end of the day. Because there is a huge affection for Aprilia in Italy and abroad – we have always known this – and yet it was difficult to believe fully in his chances in MotoGP. It had long been an annoying thought, easily measurable in many comments from our readers: but Do the group’s top management really believe in the Aprilia brand?

There was no doubt about the great value of the racing department, nor about Romano Albesiano, who is an excellent technician and is also a person who convinces and likes, very direct. But he had started off on the wrong foot, the bike was inferior to the others, and above all it was well understood that this peculiarity of the single figure could not work for two roles, the technical one and the managerial one. More investments were needed, it seemed to understand, or more courage. Or the two together.

Aleix also underlines it: the turning point three years ago, with the acquisition of Massimo Rivola, gave method and order to the operation, brought new talents to Noale and put Albesiano in a position to accelerate development. Have investments changed a lot? Certainly yes, but above all the approach to MotoGP has changed: now we get serious and reap the rewards. That phone call from Colaninno to Espargaro, immediately after the arrival and outside any ceremonial, has its value, not to mention that preceding the Ducati is a satisfaction that has a very particular flavor in the parts of Noale …

Un interesting fact: the pilots and constructors titles of the Colaninno management exceed those won by the Ivano Beggio management. Twenty eight to twenty six. Fans now know that Aprilia is really also in MotoGP. And they can appreciate that the commitment in the top class it is not an adventure for its own sake but is in tune with the commercial, production and financial strategy, with the expansion on the various markets, with product innovation with the 660 range and much more.

The Aprilia AllStars 2022 event in Misano is scheduled for Saturday 7 May, therefore in a month. Last year, due to a pandemic, the second edition was staged without the participation of the public while this year will be a day of celebration for everyone, with free admission. The bikes and the champions, the passion and love, as they say in the press releases. Well, this time, after yesterday’s success, even more love and passion.


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