“No favorites. Made a choice on Dybala “

Allegri press conference: the words of the Juventus coach on the eve of Juve Inter, valid for the 31st matchday of Serie A

(sent to Allianz Stadium) – The stop for the Nationals has been archived, Juve returns to the field on Sunday against Inter. Bianconeri less than one from the Nerazzurri and, in case of victory, they would overtake Inzaghi’s team in third place.

On the day before, Saturday 2 April, Massimiliano Allegri spoke at the press conference at 14 to present the match. Juventusnews24 followed his words LIVE.

CONDITION OF THE TEAM – «We will see how it arrives tomorrow. Now I can say that we are good or that we are bad, but tomorrow we have to play this good game and we will see tomorrow at the end. As for the recovered players, Chiellini has already returned, Bonucci will be on the bench but he is still behind, Zakaria and Alex Sandro are recovered. We are almost all skilled and enlisted “.

DYBALA AS SAW IT – “Let’s cut the bull’s head off. Dybala plays tomorrow, so you are all happy and write the titles. But I missed you, we haven’t seen each other for 20 days. Did you have a good stop? Should I call you? No call no because I never use the phone ».

SAID HIS ABOUT DYBALA – «We are in line with the company on everything. When we speak I expose my ideas, society rightly exposes its and in the end we always find a unity of purpose to plan and move forward. When the choices are made they are made all together “.

ZAKARIA AND ALEX SANDRO OWNERS – «Alex Sandro yes, Zakaria I have to decide. Chiellini, on the other hand, is part of the owner, he’s fine and plays “.

FAVORITE BETWEEN JUVE AND INTER – «When there are these matches, the Italian derby, it is difficult to say. Inter, along with Napoli and Milan, are a candidate to win the Scudetto. For us tomorrow will have to be a beautiful evening, of football, of sport, we must make a great performance against the Italian champions to continue the path we have started, try to consolidate fourth place and beat the Italian champion team. We drew in Milan, lost in the Super Cup, maybe tomorrow it’s up to us ».

WHO CAN BURN MORE – «I’m speaking for Juventus, we need to think about fourth place. We are now fourth, potentially we only have 5 points from Atalanta and there are a lot of points we can take. We need to be focused on tomorrow night’s match and then we’ll see after tomorrow night where we will be in the standings ».

COUNTING SO MUCH ON ZAKARIA – «Not only on him, but also on the others that I have recovered. There is a need for fresh, new energies, especially at this moment having a lot of them available will be important for the changes during the game. We are moving towards the end of the season, we have many matches in our legs, not only with the club but also with the national teams: the more fresh people, physically and mentally, we have the better “.

IT IS A CASE THAT INZAGHI HAS ALWAYS BEATEN HIM IN DRY MATCHES – «It is a coincidence, he is luckier in the dry matches. Let’s hope that tomorrow I, the team, will be luckier. Tomorrow will be a beautiful evening, there will be almost sold out, 100% opening for the fans for the first time. Among other things, the very strange thing is that Inter Juventus was the last pre Covid game behind closed doors and the first to be replayed separately. There are all the ingredients for a beautiful evening of sport and football ».

DANILO MIDFIELD – «I still don’t know the formation that I will play. Danilo is unlikely to play in midfield also because I have all 4 midfielders. I have half-court solutions, they are all fine. Who I will stand out will still be a disappointment. In any case, there will be changes and there will be the possibility to play ».

IF HE BEATS INTER, IT CAN MAKE HIM LOSE THE SCUDETTO – «We are not playing to make Inter lose the Scudetto, but to score points to reach the top four. Our goal is to play the Champions League next year “.

WHY DYBALA IS NO LONGER CENTRAL – “Arrivabene spoke clearly, I gave an answer today. Once you’ve made some choices, that’s it. It is not the first case of a player changing clubs. There is not only him, there are others at maturity, we will have to evaluate. We have to stay focused on the season finale. There are about 50 days to 22 May and we have 8 league games where we need to score points to ensure that next year we can play the Champions League. We have a final of the Italian Cup to reach also therefore the group must remain focused on the objectives still to be achieved ».

DYBALA AT INTER AND POGBA – «I don’t already make the transfer market to Juve, I only give indications together with the club. If you let me do that of Inter it seems exaggerated, then even that of Manchester. There are 8 games, let’s think about what we need to do because what matters is the pitch. Then everyone will make their evaluations “.

CHURCH IN PLACE OF DYBALA – «Let’s let him recover that he is still far from returning to the field. We only have to think about making him recover and that he does it in the best possible way. We are waiting for him, we have missed him so much as we are missing McKennie for the qualities and characteristics of him. We have these 8 games, let’s think about these 50 days. We don’t think about the future, we take one step at a time which is the best thing ».

ELKANN WORDS – “I was pleased. Personally I have always been calm because he has never let him be missing. We know how important Juve is for the family, for ownership and how much effort they make to keep it at high levels. They all started together trying to build a future to bring Juve back to winning as soon as possible. Next year if I’m not mistaken I am 100 years of family ownership. This year we have grown a lot but not enough at this moment to win: next year we must be in a better situation at the starting blocks. This is why we are working: these last 50 days, for this reason, are important for next season to play the Champions League. In addition, they serve to further grow as a team, as an environment, in general. We have one match a week and therefore we can work better because we have more time ».

MORATA AND CUADRADO OWNERS – “I’ll tell you one: if someone guesses the formation tomorrow, it means they’ll tell you … Tomorrow it’s impossible”.

TEVEZ AT THE STADIUM – «I am very happy to see him again tomorrow evening because he was an important player, extraordinary for Juve but also for world football. He was truly a champion. I have trained many champions and when I find them I always get excited. They were such good players, who aroused emotions in their games, in the way they played the games, in their temperament, and they left me a lot and taught me a lot. When I see them they always create emotions in me. I am very happy to be able to see him again tomorrow evening ».

BERNARDESCHI OWNER – «He could also be the owner. He is recovered and is better ».

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