“No manager is like Alberto Puig”

Alberto Puig took over from Livio Suppo in the Honda garage at the end of the 2017 MotoGP season, after Marc Marquez took his fourth title in the premier class. The Catalan team manager has always been characterized by his rude character and by the sword defense of his drivers, as happened after the Mandalika race, when he took a position against Michelin for the adoption of the harder carcass at the rear. And on the eve of intense weeks from the point of view of the market, the relationship between the technician and Pol Espargarò remains unshakable.

Puig’s location in Mandalika

From the first day he set foot in the Repsol Honda garage he has been a man of the wrist. He pushed hard to hire Jorge Lorenzo and defended his choice to terminate the contract a year early. He was the first supporter of Alex Marquez, promoted from Moto2 to the factory team, even when the results were rather disappointing. And he is doing the same with Pol Espargarò, despite the fact that he only won one podium in the past MotoGP season and the voices that want him out of the HRC project for 2023.

In Indonesia, the former Catalan driver did not hesitate to publicly expose himself against the choices of Piero Taramasso, to defend the interests of Marc Marquez and Pol Espargaró following all the controversies that have arisen with Michelin on the carcass issue. Alberto Puig only trusts the word of his drivers, even at the cost of taking sides openly against the tire supplier. An uncomfortable position that he does not refuse to fill. “One of those people who, if he is on your side, defends you to the maximum“, The Granollers pilot comments to Dazn’s microphones. Unlike other team managers with whom he collaborated in the past, Puig “will not let anyone speak ill of you. If he could get between you and a bullet, he’d be a shield. In the pits we need a person like Alberto, we saw him in Indonesia“.

Man of the wrist in the MotoGP pits

No manager would have taken such a tough position with Michelin after the Mandalika Grand Prix. “I am convinced that 99% of the teams would have been much more politically correct and would not have defended their drivers so much, it is to be appreciated“, Continued Pol Espargarò. Puig listened live to his pilot’s statements and said he was happy to know that “Pol has this opinion of me“. Despite having been at the helm of the Honda team engaged in MotoGP for just five years “if you do a job like this, the most important thing in a team, for me, is the drivers. I have always tried to stand alongside the riders, to protect them, I fought for them. Sometimes with success and sometimes with less. Every manager behaves in his own way. When you have been a pilot you do not stop being one and you feel closer to them“.

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