Norris: “Good performance facilitated by the track”

Friday in Melbourne saw a McLaren able to finish in the top 10 with both cars in both FP1 and FP2 and Norris underlined how these performances were facilitated by the layout of the track.

After a decidedly disastrous start to the season, and a weekend in Jeddah that showed some positive signs, McLaren got off to a good start on Friday in Melbourne. Lando Norris, in fact, closed both sessions in the top ten – fifth in FP1 and eighth in Fp2 – and Daniel Ricciardo also managed to finish in the top ten in both rounds of this first day of activity in Melbourne.

Of course, the gap between Ferrari and Red Bull is still important and not easily bridged immediately, but Norris admitted that a similar result confirms that the team has understood the direction to take.

“It was probably our best Friday so far and I hope we can continue like this tomorrow as well. We have a good feeling. Everything went right ”.

“We have made a few changes that we have implemented this weekend based on what we have learned in the first two rounds. It’s a small step forward, a good start. I hope that tomorrow we can continue with other progress “.

Lando Norris, McLaren MCL36

Photo by: Glenn Dunbar / Motorsport Images

Norris then underlined how the good result – considering the premises – obtained in Jeddah and the good performances found today in Melbourne also largely depend on the layout of these two circuits which less emphasize the criticalities of McLaren.

“Obviously a lot depends on the track, but there are also other small things that we are improving. Of course, we won’t be able to go half a second or a second faster, but we’re getting the most out of the car and we’re doing a good job ”.

“I hope that what happened in Bahrain may be an isolated case. We have understood the car more and are hoping for other tracks like this one or the one in Jeddah. We are going in the right direction, but we are still a long way off ”.

Andreas Seidl also appeared on the same wavelength as the English driver, who pointed out that on the occasion of the first race of the season the team arrived with too many question marks.

“If I look at how the tests went in Bahrain and the race weekend, I have to admit that we had to face many challenges. In the first appointment we still had many doubts that we had to remove, but then we were able to apply all the teachings in Jeddah ”.

“Surely in Saudi Arabia we experienced a smoother weekend and we were able to extract further performances from the package. I also believe that the layout of the track has also helped us because it is more suited to our car ”.

Seidl then concluded his speech showing particular confidence in the work of his engineers.

“Obviously we have in mind what it takes to improve the car and the most important thing is that we understand where to work. Now we just need some time. We will have to be patient but ambitious at the same time and try to bring these updates as quickly as possible without losing sight of the goal of getting as many points as possible with the current package ”.

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