Not only Lukaku: Bonucci, Sheva and the others, when the ‘traitors’ repent | First page

Romelu Lukaku wants to go back to wearing the tunic ofInter. Exactly one year after that infamous sale to Chelseain which the Belgian international openly declared of wanting to return to what he called his home. Not an easy season, however, for the Antwerpen native, who stamped the card on only 8 occasions in the 26 Premier League games collected. Figures, these, that do not do justice to 115 million invested by Chelsea to ensure the performance of the ex Inter. In fact, the 1993 class has already regretted the choice made and is ready to retrace its steps. The number 9, however, is only the latest in a long list of repentants: let’s see which ones.

BONUCCILeonardo Bonucci over the last few years has become the archetype of the traitorpassed in the annals as the Modern Judas. At the end of the 2016/2017 season, after a year characterized by various diatribes and conflicts due to the relationship with Max Allegriduring the summer the central defensive asks for the sale to Juventus. In his footsteps there are several foreign clubs, such as the Manchester City, but the Italian national team, taking into consideration the needs of their family wants to stay in Italy. The Milanwhich has just changed ownership and has a very significant budget on the marketslingshot on the player e he takes him to Milan for 40 million plus 2 bonuses. For number 19, however, it was not an easy yearpunctuated by below average performances, by a love that never blossomed with the fans and by very disappointing team results for what had been the horizons at the beginning of the year. In fact, in 2018, at the end of a troubled season, the defender born in 1987 called Juventus to go home. and, with the operation that led Gonzalo HiguaƬn and Mattia Caldara in Milan, managed to return to wearing black and white.

SHEVCHENKOAndriy Shevchenkohaving won everything he could win with the Milanresulting in the undisputed driver of the rossoneri, in 2006 he decided to go to London to wear the Chelsea shirt. An operation that broke several Rossoneri hearts, who experienced the passage of the Ukrainian international to Roman Abrahamovic’s club like a real betrayal. At Milan, in that operation, they went about 45 million eurosand to the player approx 9 million euros per season. An adventure, that of Sheva in England, it went very badly. The number 9, thanks to several physical problems, he managed to score only 9 goals in 47 games, during 3 years in London. In the summer of 2008, after a more than turbulent period, the 1976 class decided to live the last years of his career at home, in Milanthough he could no longer return to his best form and also struggled in Milan.

RUSH – The passage of Ian Rush at the Juventus caused a lot of fanfare, as the Welsh international was tasked with replacing le Roi Michel Platini. Rush, arrived for 3.2 million euroshe carried with him years lived since absolute leader in Liverpoolwhere he managed to mark the beauty of 139 goals in 224 games. Numbers from an absolute phenomenon, that raised great prospects for Juve that year. Despite this, Rush’s season in Juventus was anything but simple. Former Liverpool striker scored 7 league goals and 14 in total over the course of the season, after making 39 appearances. Quite disappointing numbers, for what were the summer conditions. The Welsh striker was sold to Liverpool for 2.8 million euros. Rush, once his experience in Italy was over, said that the problem in the Italian league was that “everyone spoke Italian”. Certainly not a winning operation for the Old lady.

HUMMELS – The summer of 2016 Mats Hummels he decides to cut the roots that kept him anchored to the Borussia Dortmund and to head to the Bayern Monaco. In a very short period of time, however, the career of one of the most promising defenders on the European scene was totally downsized. In fact, despite various performances collected, the performance of the 1988 class is continuously decreasing and the Bavarian environment does not grant it great attenuating circumstances. Consequentially, after three years lived between lower than high, he decides to return to Dortmund to find the environment that had given him confidence by launching him in the football of the greats.

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