Nzouango deceives, the guests sign the comeback

Juve Primavera hosts Verona on the twenty-fourth day of the championship: summary, slow motion, scoreboard, result and live news

(Sent to Ale & Ricky in Vinovo) – A sensational mockery for Juve Primavera, who are reassembled by Hellas Verona in Vinovo. The bianconeri took the lead with Nzouango, they produced a lot but did not find the goal of the double advantage that would have put the score on ice. And in the second half the resounding comeback from La Scala takes shape.

Juve Verona Primavera 1-2: summary and slow motion

1 ‘START WHISTLE – The Vinovo challenge has begun!

6 ′ Start of great pressure – Immediately very intense the start of the hosts, who try to squeeze Verona in their own half.

9 ′ Chibozo dangerous – The Juventus 17 tries with a very interesting percussion ball and chain, conclusion on the side.

12 ‘Savona inaccurate – Cross from the front of the Juventus full-back, a ball that is too long for Cerri to reach.

17 ′ Chibozo conclusion – Weak and inaccurate shot, no problem for the host defense.

22 ′ Senko sure – High grip output by the Juventus goalkeeper, who starts the restart of his team.

26 ‘Chibozo shot – Another conclusion of the attacker, this time completely out of proportion.

28 ‘Bonetti shot – Conclusion from the distance that touches the goal post defended by Kivila.

30 ‘Bonetti’s sensational crossbar – Very sweet lob of the black and white 10 printed on the crossbar.

32 ‘GOAL NZOUANGO – Juve pass, thanks to Nzouango’s precise header. Bianconeri deservedly ahead.

40 ′ Resounding Muharemovic – He does the whole field ball and chain, jumps the opponents and the goalkeeper as if they were pins and almost finds the goal that would have been truly incredible.


46 ‘Second half – The resumption of the match has begun.

48 ′ Turicchia occasion – Immediately a great chance for Turicchia: his left-handed conclusion is blocked by the Scaligera rearguard.

51 ′ Cerri tries – Bonatti’s team stretches well in depth, without however finding the right opening with Cerri to kick towards the goal. It remains 1-0.

52 ‘Punishment Muharemovic – Nice left-footed kick, ball that is rejected by Kivila.

53 ′ Mbangula opportunity – Good cross from the right, Mbangula tries the winning deviation without however being dangerous.

55 ′ Mbangula again – Nice conclusion from the trocar, Verona is saved in a corner kick.

57 ′ Occasionissima Cerri – Platter on the fly of the attacker, ball out of a breath.

59 ′ Bragantini goals – Pass Hellas Verona on the first attempt. Winning place of the newly entered Bragantini.

63 & # 39; Ammonito Mediero – First yellow card of the match: late entry on Mulazzi.

67 ′ Nzouango shot – The defender tries with a quick shot. He ball just wide.

74 ′ Bianconeri under pressure – The pressure of Bonatti’s team increases, in search of the goal that would mean a new advantage.

78 ‘Kakari warned – Intervention late, sacrosanct yellow card.

80 ‘Hasa shot – Great conclusion from long distance, the ball ends just wide.

84 ′ Mulazzi opportunity – Stop from the chest and immediate conclusion in the penalty area for the Juventus 14th. High ball over the crossbar.

90 ‘Strijdonck warned – In an attempt to stop a restart, the Juventus 28 commits a foul. Yellow for him.

90 ‘+ 2 Final mockery – The guests go by with Yeboah. Final mockery for the bianconeri.


Best of the match Juve: Nzouango REPORT CARDS

Juve Verona Primavera 1-2: result and match report

Networks: 32 ′ Nzouango, 59 ′ Bragantini, 92 ′ Yeboah

Juve Primavera (4-4-2): Senko; Savona, Nzouango, Muharemovic, Turicchia; Mbangula (70 ′ Hasa), Omic (86 ′ Strijdonck), Bonetti, Rouhi (62 ′ Mulazzi); Cerri (62 ‘Turkish), Chibozo. Annex Bonatti. Available Scaglia, Citi, Fiumano, Doratiotto, Solberg, Ledonne, Sekularac, Maressa.

Verona (4-3-3): Kivila; Terracciano (58 ‘Kemppainen), Ebenguè, Ghilardi, Grassi; Sulemana, Turra, Pierobon; Bosilj (58 ′ Bragantini), Yeboah, Mediero (67 ′ Florio). Annex. Current. Available Toniolo, Patuzzo, Redondi, Calabrese, Verzini, Caia, Colistra, Cisse.

Referee: De Angeli of Milan

Ammonites: 63 ′ Medium, 78 ′ Kakari, 81 ′ Fat, 85 ′ Omic, 90 ′ Strijdonck

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