on the track there were those who were not supposed to be

A glaring mistake by the organizers of the 2022 Formula 1 Australian GP endangered Williams driver Alexander Albon and a large group of people who were in the pit lane at the time of his late pit stop.

The great enterprise of Alexander Albon in the Australian GP surprised everyone including Formula 1. The late pit stop of the Thai of the Williams has in fact confused the organizers of the Melbourne race which, when there was only one lap to go to the conclusion of the race, made people outside enter the pit lane.

After driving 57 laps on the tires he started the race with, before crossing the finish line Albon was in fact forced to stop in the pits to mount a different compound as required by the F1 regulations with the mandatory tire change.

After completing the operations, the Thai returned to the pit lane to get back on track and go to finish the race but at that moment he was faced with a surprise. Along the pit lane there was a large group of people that they shouldn’t have been there but, fortunately, they were aware of Williams’ arrival in time positioned on the right side, thus leaving free passage to the car of Albon who was then able to safely return to the track and close the Melbourne race with a splendid 10th place that earned him his first point of the season. All after suffering from the last position on the starting grid due to the disqualification remedied in Saturday’s qualifying.

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The episode was not aired in the course on live TV of the Australian GP but in the post-race it came out by viewing the footage made byon board camera positioned over the rider’s helmet who immediately went around the web. Seeing these unpublished images many have criticized the “carelessness” of the organizers of the Australian Grand Prix and Formula 1 itself which, regardless of what was happening on the track, have anticipated the opening of the pit lane for VIP guests (which usually happens only once the race is over).

Fortunately, everything ended without particular incidents and this error had no consequence, but it certainly appears paradoxical that in a Formula 1 in which theattention to safety is at extreme levels similar inconveniences can occur which, in addition to the safety of the pilots (in this case of Albon, the safety of the guests themselves is also at risk.

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