One shot per department: because today Milan can think of spending 100 million on the transfer market

Sven Botman, Renato Sanches, Gianluca Scamacca. These are the names that today The Gazzetta dello Sport has relaunched for the future of Milan. All welcome, and also for some time: two play in Lille and the Devil has been wooing them for months. Botman was the only real gift that Maldini and Massara tried to give to Pioli in January: the antiphon happens, the choice fell on the enhancement of Kalulu, without looking for alternatives. Sanches has been a name on the lips of insiders for even longer: already from October-November in Milanello there is great confidence in the possibility of taking him home, despite having to deal with international competition. Finally, Scamacca: not the only one likes Devil, and it will be necessary to verify how many of its jewels Sassuolo will actually let go. However, between Juve who threw themselves on Vlahovic and Inter who mulls over the possible great return of Lukaku, there is space to slip into and at home Milan they want to exploit it.

One shot per department, at one hundred per hour. Put like this, the summer one would be a little big revolution: excluding the goalkeeper, Milan would put pieces in the key roles of their spine. It wouldn’t end here. In the meantime, because there will then be the usual works by make-up: on the left, for example, we will look for a more convincing vice-Theo than Ballo Touré. In the chapter of the adjustments – for the economic impact, not for the value of the player – it is possible with a little flexibility also to register the eventual arrival of Divock Origi. And again: there will be to deal with the sirens from outside, for Rafael Leao and beyond. But there we enter the field of what will be, not of what Milan is planning at home. Names aside, and in the cauldron of dreams you can put – with some distinction – Marco Asensiothe news tells of a company that plans a big hit for each department and takes into account investments, excluding salaries, of at least 100 million euros on the next summer transfer market.

It is a question of solidity. At the base of these expansion plans, first and foremost, the results in the field. The car that races for the Scudetto today needs new fuel: Pioli deserves it, and next year we need to do better in the Champions League. To allow this, however, there are economic data. To be evaluated from two points of view. Primarily, those of Milan, who, having overcome the storms of a few seasons ago, are today among the big players with the most solid foundations, Naples permitting. The Rossoneri, to begin with, closed the first half of the 2021/2022 financial year in profit, with revenues skyrocketing by 40 percent even if “helped” by the agreements relating to Casa Milan. Yesterday we told you how, at the moment, the Rossoneri would be the fourth force in the league in terms of signings and squad: which underlines the team’s performance, but also highlights the room for growth to fill this. gap, all positive but which some may also read as over-performance. Today’s news is that more money is on the way: from Konami, 45 million will arrive in seven years. They won’t move the mountains, but it’s the pebbles that help build the fortresses.

They are cheap”. And then there will be the exits. The other economic data to deal with are those of who could arrive and who will leave. Let’s start with the latter: Milan will certainly say goodbye to Kessié in the summer, but Ibrahimovic and Romagnoli are also anything but certain of a Rossoneri future. Adding Bakayoko, who will not be redeemed by Chelsea, and maybe even Florenzi – future to be written – would lead to an overall saving of almost 33 million euros gross per year in terms of salaries to be paid. Once again, there is room for new investments. Especially considering that, with the exception of Asensio, but up to a certain point, the names made up to now are not those that would upset the amount of wages: Scamacca, to understand each other, even with the recent renewal does not reach a million euros a year from Sassuolo. Botman and Sanches are already on higher costs, but realistically none of them would exceed the four million a year – and net, with the two foreigners helped by the Growth Decree – as a salary received in the event of a move to Milan. It is the philosophy that leads to fishing in leagues such as Ligue 1, looking above all at players who are already established but not yet arrived at costs that are impossible to bear. So far, the strategy has paid off.

But will there be a qualitative leap on salaries? And here, if anything, lies the point. Because, alongside profiles of this type, from a Milan perspective there is also talk of players such as the aforementioned Asensio or Dybala, a suggestion launched this morning by Zazzaroni on the Corsport. At present, elements that would be outside the AC Milan horizon outlined above in terms of salaries, especially the Argentine who asked Juventus for 10 million euros a year. And the question is clear: today, Milan win both on the pitch and in the accounts. But, to enter the elite with both feet, at some point it will take a leap forward from this point of view. The program of the Devil do you contemplate it, perhaps in the medium-long term? There will be time for answers, meanwhile reality says that, next summer, Milan will be able to afford more luxurious ambitions than they could a year or two ago. And it’s not cheap.


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