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The disappointing start of the Mercedes in this start of the world championship it generated doubts and perplexities in many fans about the real potential of the reigning world champion team, which seemed to be in evident difficulty compared to competitors such as Red Bull and Ferrari. The elimination of Lewis Hamilton in Q1 in the last Saudi Arabian GP it was the lowest moment so far of the first two races of the season, with the unexpected episode that even put the word ‘end’, for some, on the possibility of the English fight for the conquest of his eighth world title. If this is the opinion of several fans or former drivers, there are equally other past champions who do not believe in the total failure of the Anglo-German manufacturer, according to which it could in fact provide another opportunity for Hamilton to return to the top positions. .

Of this, he is particularly convinced Damon Hillcompatriot of ‘The Hammer’ and winner of the world title in 1996. The 61 year old, who spoke to Sky Sportshe first stated that the Three-pointed star he could be in a position to recover after this unconvincing departure, perhaps as early as the next appointment in Australia: There is always an opportunity for a team like Mercedes – explained the former Williams driver – they have designed something wrong, and the hope is that if they find a solution to this, they will have a big performance gain. Another question is the design philosophy of their car, which is aerodynamically different on the bodywork at the rear. The hope is that they haven’t made a mistake in one key area – the data says the car should be good – he added – but they fail to exploit them due to this porpoising, which is created by aerodynamic instability which hinders their performance. Now the Melbourne track has a very smooth surface: apparently it is more abrasive, but with fewer bumps, and this could help show their potential ”.

Finally, Hill then commented on Hamilton, who could actually get back in the fight for the championship if Mercedes managed to solve their problems: “I don’t see why not, it would be a good bet – He admitted – And Lewis would be worth betting on. This will be a long battle, we will not remember the first races of this season when we arrive at the halfway point, also because 23 GPs will be a grind: if there is a battle going on at the top of the standings, and there is no dominant team , it’s unlikely to get that far this way. So it is highly possible that Mercedes could get into the mix, without forgetting George Russell who is there, doing a good job and can steal points from the other drivers as well ”.

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