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[Rassegna stampa] – Until last year when we wrote about Lewis Hamilton it was almost always done to celebrate a won Grand Prix, the breaking of a new record, the approach of yet another world title. Even at the end of last championship, after the scorching defeat suffered on the last lap of the last race by Max Versappen, which deprived him of the eighth championship in his career, everyone assumed that the British veteran could try to make up for this. year. Instead, for the first time since 2014, Mercedes has ‘turned its back’ on him. Not consciously, of course, but Brackley’s team has built a single-seater – the W13 – that doesn’t seem capable of competing with Ferrari and Red Bull at the moment.

The season is obviously very long and 23 GPs guarantee all possible opportunities to recover. This time, however, even for the rulers of the last eight seasons, with 15 titles won out of 16 available, the mountain to climb seems to be a bit too high. For the first time since 2013 – when he finished fourth in the championship – Hamilton is in real danger of do not join the games for the conquest of the world title. A situation which, inevitably, is also arousing curiosity in the national sports media. The Gazzetta dello Sport, in an article signed by Andrea Cremonesi, tried to analyze the situation that the # 44 of the silver arrows is experiencing.

Since racing in Formula 1 […] only once had his season started with worse results: 2009 […] but still Lewis was […] able to win a couple of races […] and to seize four pole. A prospect that at the moment seems remote […] to the point of pushing the British Times to own “Have Mercedes already lost the title?”. Translation: “Has Mercedes already lost the World Cup?” A punch in the stomach for Brackley and Brixworth’s men […]. […]. What worries the world champion is obviously the lack of competitiveness of Mercedes […]. The picture is depressing: to solve the hopping on the straight, the Mercedes has to run higher off the asphalt than its rivals, thus losing the benefits of the ground effect and to have a decent downforce it has to load the wings, losing top speed on the straight. . A nice puzzle from which it is difficult to get out […]. In this scenario it would take a miracle to allow Hamilton to conquer the eighth world championship“.

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