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Among the various innovations that were introduced in the 2022 season at the level of regulations, one specifically concerns the discussed one system of reprimands. The expansion of the championship calendar to 23 rounds in fact prompted the FIA ​​to grant five reminders to the drivers before incurring a penalty of 10 positions on the starting grid, if at least four of these five ‘minor’ infringements concern driving. Until the last championship, the sanction was triggered on the achievement of three reprimands, of which at least two were ‘driving’. The topic had become the subject of discussion at the end of last season, when Lewis Hamilton came close to receiving the penalty on the grid on the occasion of the decisive Abu Dhabi GP for an alleged impeding – then not judged as such by the then Race Director Michael Masi – against Nikita Mazepin.

The team of the seven-time world champion, Mercedes, however, raised the question of the increase in GPs in the calendar to ask for a review of the other – and more important – system of counting penalties: that of penalty points. As is well known, in fact, each sanction imposed on the drivers during a race weekend corresponds to a number of penalty points assigned. These points ‘expire’ exactly 12 months after they were awarded. In the event that a driver reaches 12 penalty points in 12 months, the automatic disqualification for a GP. The system was first introduced in 2014 and since then no driver has been disqualified.

Eight years ago, however, the calendar included 19 races. The tally has now risen to 23 and is therefore statistically more likely to receive a penalty over the course of a season. For this reason Ron Meadows, Mercedes director, has asked that the minimum penalty point threshold leading to disqualification be raised. “We went from three to five reprimands, which I think is a good one – the British executive pointed out to the site RacingNews365 I would also switch to 15 penalty points [in un periodo di 12 mesi]. Because 12 points may not be enough in a season consisting of 23, 24 races “he concluded. Ironically, three drivers of the Red Bull ‘family’ – the ‘historic’ rival of Mercedes in recent seasons – are those most at risk of disqualification: Yuki Tsunoda is in fact at eight penalty points, while Verstappen and Perez are stationed at seven.


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