Pinamonti: “Inter with Conte, not a lost year. Lukaku advised me to … “

To everything Andrea Pinamonti. The Empoli striker, on loan from Inter, spoke to DAZN Talks on Twitch between past, present and future

Alessandro Cosattini

To everything Andrea Pinamonti. The Empoli striker, on loan from Inter, spoke to DAZN Talks on Twitch between past, present and future: “I am a great sleeper, when I can I sleep more like today (afternoon training, ed). I like it, I arrive more relaxed at the camp. I am having a lot of fun, the choice of Empoli is the best one made in recent years, I am very well physically and mentally, I am very happy indeed“.

The relationship with Andreazzoli.

“The coach called me in the summer to work with me again after the experience in Genoa. Feeling the trust of him and of the club was fundamental in the choice to come to Empoli. A choice that I would make another thousand times. Humanly he is one of the people ever known in the world of football, as he approaches with the players, with the staff, there is a lot of fun even within the group and it is good. I knew him from Genoa, maybe I had something more than the others in terms of relationship “.

What was it like leaving home early?

“The ease of adapting and the desire to go to Milan for Inter, where my career began, made me weigh less. I was 14, my friends stayed there, I gave up everything overnight and it wasn’t easy. I was able immediately to form a group with other guys “.

How does it feel to live in Milan alone at the age of 14?

“Fear of losing myself, no. In my situation the change may have been stronger because I come from small mountain villages that have nothing to do with Milan. At first we were in boarding school, we couldn’t go out, we went to school in the morning, then training and then having dinner together before going to sleep. I saw the real Milan then, the change was certainly strong “.

“My idol has always been Ibrahimovic. I played against them two years ago, Milan-Genoa, they are strong emotions. I bought his shirt when he was at Inter, then I saw him on the pitch as an opponent, it is a particular emotion and not easy to manage. There are so many things that are pleasing and make you feel accomplished. I greeted him, we won the game, he was quite pissed off and I avoided asking certain things. But we have the same agent and so I got to know him, talk to him, get to know a nice person. I can compare his first shirt I bought and the one he gave me “.

“They are starting to increase. Friendships are created between national youth teams and clubs. Exchanging the shirt is a symbol of friendship too. I put Ibra’s one among the first I care about the most, then those of Inter like Bastoni, Skriniar, there are a few. The first one who asked me was a boy from Verona whose brother played with me when I played for Chievo. He made me very happy, it’s Terracciano ”.

Last season at Inter with Conte was special for you. You haven’t found a lot of space, but you have grown so much you said …

“So many times I have been told that I threw a year away, but it was absolutely not like that. While not playing, I learned a lot, perhaps more than ever. I was aware of the choice made, Inter were full of champions in attack. We – my agent and I – made this choice to work with Conte, I knew I could work and learn a lot. I don’t feel like saying that I lost a year, I learned a lot from the coach and my teammates. Lukaku is a good giant, one of the best people I’ve ever dealt with. He is very calm, I have great memories of him, many times he gave me advice or came to me to make me laugh. He helped me a lot in certain moments, he gave Romelu a lot of advice. The most precious is how to use the body, he told me I had to use my body well and this year I’m trying to put them into practice “.

Are you taking us to the next World Cup?

“It can be a goal, reaching the national team and playing important competitions. It is definitely a goal. I’ve played a lot of games in the youth teams, it’s different from the club. You have to be able to make a group right away, the Under 19 European Championship and the Under 20 World Cup were among the best experiences of my life. The national team shirt has an effect. I want to get to the next European and World Championships “.

With double figures in the league …

“The goal must be reached, from 10 onwards. I get there and I give you one of my t-shirts and you decide whether to keep it in the studio or create a game for those who follow you and let it win here, put it in charity ”.

“I’m very excited, the derby is derby. In the first leg we enjoyed winning at the last minute ”.

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