Pioli, there is a problem: the (non) courage to change

Last night against Torino, yet another demonstration that when there is a need to change something, Stefano Pioli does not. There is irrefutable proof

So, it just doesn’t work. Thus, it is not going anywhere. Thus, we risk throwing away everything good that has been done so far. And so far, much has been done. Why screw it up? Why risk having deluded thousands of fans? We need to do something different in this season finale.

Stefano Pioli (© LaPresse)

What a mess, Milan. Not so much for yesterday’s draw, but for having wasted a considerable advantage over her pursuers. Until twenty-four hours ago, destiny was all in the hands of the Rossoneri, now it is no longer the case. The situation has changed. Blame? Only and exclusively of Milan. It is useless to cling to referee wrongs, favored opposing teams, unfavorable match times, an uphill calendar. Everything absolutely useless.

Until a few days ago, Milan was at seventh sky. A great season (and it still is, attention) the one disputed by Stefano’s boys Pegs. The first experience in Champions League after several years, the possibility of playing him Scudetto until the last day, the run-up to a cup Italy which has been missing for too many seasons in the company’s palmares. Six days to go until the end of Serie A. Five hundred and forty minutes. In this period of time it will be decided on which jersey, next year, the tricolor patch will be applied.

With yesterday’s draw with the Turin (the second in a row, moreover with white nets, after the one at home with the Bologna) threatens to blow up everything good that has been done up to now. In the highlight of the season, Milan seem to have come turned off. Especially the offensive department, this is evident. The alarm bell actually began to light up already when the Rossoneri struck three consecutive victories with the result of 1-0, right before drawing twice without ever scoring. Sure, winning every game 1-0 would make you win the championship, but there was already a feeling here that something was wrong.

To dare, the key word of this final rush: there is not only the 4-2-3-1

The most worrying thing is the inability of this period to create danger in the opponent area. The trocar is almost non-existent. Rafael Leao it continues to be devastating, albeit intermittently. When he leaves the ball and chain he becomes impregnable. But alone, not enough. Brahim Diaz looks like a fish out of water. What happens to the Spaniard remains a mystery. Saelemaekers he tried, perhaps most of all, but he made a mistake with very banal passages. Junior Messias, when he entered, he seemed not to understand why he was at the Olimpico Grande Torino. The famous “asleep in the woods”. Giroud he played in extreme conditions, with a man marking of Bremer who did not give him a moment to catch his breath. He did his best, alone.

Stefano Pioli is a great trainer, there is no doubt about this. Milan have returned to the Italian top since he took over on the bench. It’s not a casuality. But Stefano Pioli yesterday, and not just yesterday, perhaps, has mistaken. Because when things don’t go as planned, when situations take an unexpected turn, it takes courage. The courage to to change, the courage to change. Yesterday, at some point, it was understood that the attacking midfielder it was of no use, because Torino had closed that space. Pioli, instead of changing form, removed Brahim Diaz moving centrally Saelemaekers. The Belgian has excellent qualities, has a leg, has personality. But he is by no means an attacking midfielder and he has amply demonstrated it. He is not the player who can send his teammate into goal with a touch, he is not the player who creates danger out of thin air. But Pioli knows this well. Still, he hasn’t changed.

In cases of difficulty, like last night, we should be more daring. He wasn’t on the bench Ibrahimovicneither Rebic. But there was Marko Lazetic. Why not try changing modules? Why not switch to a 4-4-2 trying to create more density in the opponent area? Why not give trust to a young boy who has so far only seen the field with the Spring? There are so many question marks. It is a very long time delicate, this. The Rossoneri fan only has to try to stay as close to the team as possible, give the necessary contribution, as he has always done. Only in this way can we return to win And Mark. And maybe even with a little more courage.

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