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Rumors continue to follow one another about Porsche’s entry into Formula 1 starting from 2026, the year in which the new generation of power units with a higher percentage of electrification will debut. One of the figures at the center of press attention is Thomas Laudenbach, head of Porsche Motorsport. Laudenbach is present in Rome on the occasion of the double Italian stage of Formula E, a championship in which Porsche has competed for three years and which in the last E-Prix in Mexico City obtained its first historic victory in the full-electric category. On the occasion of a session with the Italian journalists present on site, Laudenbach answered in an elusive way the questions about the possible entry of the German manufacturer into Formula 1, without however denying the hypothesis.

In detail, discussions are currently underway in Formula E on the third generation of cars ready to debut next season. Negotiations are therefore underway for Porsche to identify a possible customer team to supply their powertrain, but no announcement has yet arrived. Laudenbach was then asked whether the rumors about Porsche’s entry into Formula 1 may have led to doubts in the Formula E paddock about the long-term commitment of the Stuttgart-based company in the World Championship for electric cars: “That’s a question I can’t answer. What this question implies, however, is that either you do this [la Formula E] or that [la Formula 1]. However, we did not say this “. Porsche entered Formula E starting from the second year of the second technical cycle of the category, with a commitment at the time foreseen until the middle of the third regulatory cycle. The president of Porsche Motorsport stressed that the possible entry into Formula 1 does not necessarily have an influence on the permanence in Formula E: “From the moment we entered Formula E, we stated that we would be staying for five years. Not to be misunderstood, this is a classic procedure within an automotive company, where permission to compete in a category is granted by the top for a number of years. And if this period of time does not coincide with the technical cycles of the championship, not much can be done. At the moment we are undoubtedly confirmed in Formula E for another two years. For sure this year we will talk internally whether or not to extend our commitment. […] Formula 1, yes or no? I can not answer. It could have a flu [sull’impegno in Formula E]but not necessarily. If entry into Formula 1 were to occur, it does not mean that we should exit Formula E“.

Currently the Formula E grid features Mercedes, destined to farewell at the end of the season, and Nissan. The leaders of both teams confirmed a collaboration and knowledge transfer to and from the respective Formula 1 teams, with Nissan finding its counterpart in Alpine both brands being under the same group. The common areas between the two categories revolve around the design of the components of the electric powertrain, such as motor generators and inverters. In Formula E, great attention is also paid to the efficiency of the electrified powertrain, a theme to which Formula 1 teams will look with increasing attention from 2026 with the increase in the electric power of the power units, as also confirmed in FormulaPassion by Tommaso Volpe, global director of Nissan Motorsport. Could the presence in Formula E therefore benefit Porsche in view of a possible design of a Formula 1 power unit? “I can not answer”, Laudenbach commented. Therefore, all that remains is to await the final decision of an evaluation that is undoubtedly underway in Stuttgart.

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