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That of the Roman radios is a phenomenon that has no equal in the rest of Italy. A plurality of stations serving as a platform, an array of journalists, former soccer players And opinion makers to animate the show. Here are the opinions of the protagonists of the radio broadcasters:

Francesco Balzani (Centro Suono Sport – 101.5 / I’ll give it to you Tokyo): “Mourinho needed to confirm some players, Roma would have sold Smalling in January but they saw that he is physically well and that he can be useful. He also changed his mind on Cristante but on Shomurodov, Diawara or Perez he didn’t. On some elements it is right that different assessments have been made. Compared to a few months ago you can think that some of today’s owners can stay in the squad. There are still 2 full backs waiting for Spinazzola, a playmaker and a second striker. These are needs that do not change even with a fourth place. This year the director will arrive, Mourinho does not let himself be fooled again. I don’t believe much about Solbakken, it has been proposed. He is a player who, placed in that game context, suits us well and makes the difference. In Italy he risks ending up like Hauge at Milan, he could be the fourth striker not Abraham’s reserve.

Antonio Felici (Centro Suono Sport – 101.5 / I’ll give it to you Tokyo): “I have esteemed Mkhitaryan since playing in Armenia but he scored a goal after 3 months and he didn’t do much in the first part of the season. The feeling is that you begin to reason that there is not much to change but it is not like that. The temptation to say to entrust everything to Mourinho is, however, we need a sports director who has the skills to negotiate. Buying players is a profession, the coach cannot go and do it. The men have changed since that trip to Bodo, those who are part of the Mourinho project are very different compared to those of that famous 6-1. The biggest changes have been seen recently. I don’t expect Solbakken to stand out in Roma like he does in Bodo. “

Alessandro Austini (Teleradiostereo 92.7): “With the new financial Fair Play, it will be necessary to understand what Roma will do. I think there will be a meeting between the club and Uefa soon. In my opinion, Mourinho will not change anything against Bodo, also given the absences. The changes will take place with Salernitana, also considering that there will be no Pellegrini. My prediction is passing the turn but with suffering “.

Furio Focalari (Radio Radio Mattino – 104.5): “Zaniolo has devalued himself for all the events, the injuries have led him to be a very normal player. Mourinho has put him on the bench, but it is clear that there are teams on him, but there is no line ”.

Stefano Agresti (Radio Radio Mattino – 104.5): “Without Smalling and Abraham, the absences would be very serious. Today the English is the most important player in Rome, he scores in the department, and there is no substitute for him because Shomurodov is nothing. Tammy is really too important especially against Bodo. My feeling is that there is no opening on the part of Rome on the renewal of Zaniolo’s contract, they want to use him as a market pawn for next year. He will hardly stay here, Juve on him, let’s see Napoli now, but the cost of him is high. Zaniolo is a bet, you can spend 40-50 million and find yourself a champion like a normal player, as he is proving to date. Juve are ready to take risks for the possible trident “.

Roberto Pruzzo (Radio Radio morning 104.5): “It is the best opportunity to avenge the 6 goals, but it is the perfect trap. I don’t know if Bodo has changed so much, but Mourinho’s squad has been a different team since then. I don’t expose myself because there are so many owls. With Zaniolo you have to do as Fiorentina did withVlahovic. It is in the common interest of the two parties to find an agreement. It’s unbelievable about Rome they only ever remember bad things ”.

Nando Orsi (Radio Radio morning 104.5): “We don’t exorcise Bodo Glimt as a team because that would be pathetic. It will be a really complicated match: a squad that has changed six players that presents itself in front of a Roma that at the moment is a real team “.

Mario Mattioli (Radio Radio morning 104.5): “Nobody takes fourth place from Juve. I don’t think Bodo represents an insurmountable obstacle for this Roma despite serious possible absences. Roma in recent months has shown a different game and compactness that give absolute guarantees. it’s a notable difference between the two, I have no doubts. “

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