SALERNITANA (3-4-2-1): Belec; Gyomber, Radovanovic, Fazio; Mazzocchi, L. Coulibaly (1 ′ st M. Coulibaly), Bohinen (18 ′ st Kastanos), Ruggeri (1 ′ st Zortea); Verdi (18 ‘st Perotti), Bonazzoli; Djuric. Available: Fiorillo, Russo, Obi, Di Tacchio, Dragusin, Capezzi, Gagliolo. All: Nicola

UDINESE (3-5-2): Pans; Becao (42 ′ st Benkovic), Nuytinck, Perez; Molina, Pereyra (from 23 ′ st Soppy), Walace, Makengo, Udogie (23 ′ st Pafundi); Deulofeu (1 ′ st Samardzic), Nestorovski (47 ′ st Pinzi). Available: Gasparini, Santurro, Zeegelaar, Arslan, Jajalo, Pablo Marí, Pussetto, Ballarini. All: Cioffi

Referee: Orsato (Vivenzi / Ranghetti). 4th man: Sacchi. Var: Mazzoleni (Dionisi).

Direct: DAZN

Note: Scorers: 6 ′ Deulofeu, 34 ′ Nestorovski, 42 ′ Udogie, 12 ′ Pereyra; Booked: Belec, Pereyra; Corners 8-1; Spectators: 29739; Recovery: 5 ′ pt, 8 ′ st



50 ′ st By now only the result of Venice is awaited.

46 ‘st It will be 8’ of recovery.

45 ‘st Now we only think about the result of Penzo. Salernitana tries to attack.

41 ′ st Djuric puts her out of her mind a little.

36 ‘st Padelli comes out badly and collides with Perotti, the ball remains there and the Argentine kicks out.

35 ‘st Great play by Ribery who jumps two opponents and enters the area, kicks around and Padelli neutralizes him.

32 ‘st Detaches Perotti with his head, blocks Padelli.

28 ‘st Perotti goes away to the right and reaches the bottom, but his cross is not deflected by any teammate.

26 ′ st Left around Samardzic, full crossbar. Nestorovski scores on the rebound but was offside.

25 ′ st Cross by Zortea, Becao touches the own goal by returning to the post.

23 ′ Double change for Cioffi: out of Udogie and Pereyra, in Pafundi and Soppy.

22 ′ st Sponda area of ​​Djuric, Fazio arrives with a great career but sends it to the north curve.

21 ′ st Bonazzoli tries with the left and earns a corner.

18 ′ st The launch of smoke bombs continues at Arechi. Outside Verdi, Bohinen and Gyomber, inside Perotti, Kastanos and Ribery.

15 ′ st Everything is happening at the Arechi, fire in the south curve, a banner has probably been set on fire. The firefighters intervene.

12 ‘st POKER UDINESE! Pereyra starts on the counterattack, sends Gyomber, Radovanovic and Bohinen to the bar and beats Belec. Closed game. Goes to exult under the south Pereyra and the public grenade rises, the angling of objects, and smoke bombs.

1 ‘st Double change for Nicola: outside Lassana and Ruggeri, inside Mamadou Coulibaly and Zortea. Inside also Samardzic for Deulofeu in the guests.

50 ′ BELEC NEUTRALIZES PEREYRA! The first half ends.

49 ′ Belec extends Deulofeu, it is a penalty for Udinese and a yellow card for the goalkeeper.

48 ‘Fazio stands out on a corner, Padelli deflects it on the post.

45 ′ Surreal atmosphere at Arechi. There are 4 minutes of recovery.

44 ′ There was a doubt about an offside, but the Var check validates the goal.

42 ‘UDINESE TRIS! Udogie still starts ball and chain, goes to the right and scores around. Arechi in silence.

40 ‘Great double parade by Padellii. The former Inter Milan first blocks Bonazzoli, then exalts himself on Verdi with a sure shot.

34 ‘DOUBLE THE UDINESE! Molina’s cross, Radovanovic misses and Nestorovski hits his head. Ball kissing the post and enters.

30 ‘Cross shot by Verdi, Padelli stretches.

26 ′ Deulofeu scores again, but is caught offside.

22 ‘Molina kicks from outside, central and easy ball for Belec.

18 ‘Verdi tries from the edge, the ball does not go down enough.

15 ′ On a corner for Salernitana Udinese starts again at speed with Deulofeu, Pereyra comes to support, Mazzocchi stops him.

13 ‘Mazzocchi closes in a providential way on a cross from the right.

9 ′ Salernitana rules, Bonazzoli tries with the left. High ball.

6 ‘UDINESE IN ADVANTAGE! Great Udogie slalom that serves to the limit Deulofeu who kicks around and beats Belec.

4 ‘Mazzocchi empty, Deulofeu receives in the area and kicks around, high ball.

1 ′ We start at Arechi, Udinese’s first possession. The crazy choreography continues.

20.50. Stadium unleashed at the announcement of the formations. There is great anticipation for the mega choreography.

AT 20.25. Teams on the pitch for warm-up, thrilling atmosphere at Arechi.

8:15 pm. Goalkeepers on the pitch for the warm-up, applause from the people who flocked to via Allende: sold out.

AT 20:00. “There is only one president”, shouts Arechi. Danilo Iervolino with his family on the pitch to gather the applause of the public. The president draws a heart with his hands.

The last act to write history. Three points against Udinese would mean salvation for Salernitana, without looking at the result of Cagliari. There will also be a push from the almost 29,000 people from Arechi. The editorial staff of SalernitanaNews will tell you about the evening, live from Arechi, minute by minute until the final whistle, then on our portal news, match report, report cards, interviews and all the curiosities. The stadium was already full two hours before the kick-off, applause and total audience pit at the entrance of the grenade for the pre-match inspection, loud whistles for the Udinese players, many of whom “amazed” by the audience frame they wanted immortalize with their smartphones.

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