Red Bull is back: in Melbourne to keep winning

On this Sunday without F1a proud and flourished Christian Horner argues with satisfaction the last stage of the world championship held last weekend in Saudi Arabia. The start of the 2022 season certainly was not the best for the Red Bull: that inauspicious double retreat has suffered a lot, especially considering that Max Verstappen arrived there as reigning world champion, under the guise of the one who somehow managed to interrupt the undisputed empire of Sir Lewis Hamilton.

Regardless of the team you support, it is useless to deny it: we all expected him to return in style and with good performances, but that was not the case. However, it should also be specified that the responsibility did not lie entirely with him, but rather that both cars encountered important problems with the fuel system; so if in certain circumstances the car just does not “collaborate”, that disastrous outcome (double, by the way) is almost inevitable.

Max Verstappen (Oracle Red Bull Racing) ready to attack the 50 laps of the Saudi Arabian GP

Despite this, the Dutchman implicitly asked his devoted crowd Orange to postpone the celebrations by only a week, giving them a nice victory at the second appointment in Jeddah, won after an exciting hand-to-hand battle with what appears to be one of his main opponents this year, Charles Leclerc. Too bad for Sergio Perezwooden medal with his fourth place, despite the day before he was the fastest man in qualifying, winning the pole position.

Behind these positive results, however, there was a week of hard work by the whole team: Horner in fact, he is very satisfied with the efforts made by the men of the team, who reacted in an excellent way to what was in effect a catastrophic defeat for them.

In short, in the factory between mechanics and engineers there was an excellent synergistic collaboration, which allowed them to get to Jeddah in the best possible way despite the assumptions (one of all for example, having to maximize the little time available between one weekend and another). The victory of Max therefore, it was also a prize of gratitude for all of them.

Sergio Perez (Oracle Red Bull Racing) aboard his RB18 during qualifying for the Bahrain Grand Prix 2022 edition

However, it leaves a little bitter taste in the mouth not having seen two Red Bull on the podium: of course, the only one that was occupied the top step, but for Horner also Perez he deserved a little more. As anticipated above, not only was the poleman of the weekend, but he was fast enough even during the race: in his opinion, the entrance of the Safety Car did not help the good at all performance Of Checo.

Although he is embittered by what has happened, he maintains that the Mexican always remains a very reasonable and lucid driver: he will just need a little time to focus on the good things he has collected this weekend, and he will regain his confidence. and the strength needed to face the other 21 scheduled appointments with an adequate mindset.

And precisely in this regard, as often happens the SC sometimes unwittingly “plays” in favor of some and to the detriment of others: it is the double aspect of the same coin. And especially this year, it will be necessary to keep under control any variable, calculable or not, because I am sure that the world championship will also be awarded on the basis of unpredictable minutiae.

F1-Author: Silvia Napoletano @silviafunoat

Photo: F1, Oracle Red Bull Racing

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