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Find the square of the circle. Ferrari started out convincingly the 2022 F1 season. There was no shortage of doubts about the performance of the F1-75 after the Rossa had returned from very bad years and far from the goals that a stable of such prestige must set itself.

In the championship of the technical revolution, with the return of the ground effect and the introduction of 18-inch tires, in Maranello they have given themselves a lot to do and prove the facts the car was born very well, as they say. The 78 points of the 88 available in the first two GPs speak for themselves and on some fronts the machine is a reference.

The bold solution of depression on the belliescombined with the characteristic arrangement of the hot air vents on the car body, has paid off. It refers to the downforce surplus that Ferrari has e can exploit in terms of speed in the middle of the curve, traction and tire management. Aspects that turned out to be winning in the first round in Bahrain and allowed a Charles Leclerc to climb to the top of the drivers’ championship standings.

F1, ‘The Minardi Process’: “Red Bull more efficient than Ferrari in terms of ground effect. Mercedes: it will be long “

However, the world match will decide on developments and in this sense, without forgetting the Budget Cap, the Prancing Horse team will have to consider how improve aerodynamic efficiency. The aforementioned solution of the bellies inevitably generates more drag (aerodynamic resistance) than that of the Red Bull which, from this point of view, is the best machine for efficiency.

The RB18 also runs lower than the F1-75 since the car has practically zeroed the criticality of the pumping.. Different speech for Ferrari, given and considered a slightly higher set-up that affects pure performance, but mitigated by the downforce already described.

Therefore, in view of the Australian GP (April 8-10), the Red should not bring updates, working more on tuning to at least try to have a better performance in terms of balance. On the Albert Park circuit, albeit modified, the Rossa should have a good chance before projecting itself to the Imola round (22-24 April) where there may be a new bottom and an engine update.

Ferrari believes its package is still far from optimized and for this reason, rather than “wrapping himself up” with new solutions to be tested over the weekend, he prefers a conservative way. We will find out if they will be right in Maranello or not.

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