Ricciardo believes in McLaren: I wouldn’t be surprised if we manage to win a GP, but we need 1 second – 2022

For the McLaren it is certainly not a good time. The regulatory change it had to be a great opportunity to take advantage of to bring the team back to fight in the top positions. Instead, the image resulting from the first two races is certainly not the best. 6 are the points won by the team of Woking after the double appointment at the beginning of the season.

We’ve already got to hear a Ricciardo that until the first major upgrade, each result in points will be seen as one small victory from the British team (read here). But how long will it take for the team to be able to go back to dictating the law, even if only in a race weekend?

When did the first win?

This is the question to which theAustralian he found himself answering in an interview reported by ‘The Race‘: “Sand it will come it will be later than we had hoped for. At the same time, however, I think that if we find ourselves, already this year, in the position of winning a GP I wouldn’t be entirely surprised. I strongly believe in people who work as a team. I have great faith in their abilities and those of Andreas Seidl (team principal). “

Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris, Gp Saudi Arabia 2022 (photo: Twitter, McLaren)

Seidl the right person to get out of the crisis

“In Bahrain we have experienced a moment of crisis. We have dealt with it and we are coming out of it. We have to try to change course and I think Andreas is the right person to do it “ he continued Daniel. “So if I were to answer this question again in six months, I think I wouldn’t be surprised at the position we have been able to reach.”

You need to recover 1 second to fight for the victory

We must try to remain calm and relaxed. To do this we must keep in mind that we are not looking for 3-4 tenths. I think we need it a second to fight for victory. However, if there are some races in which we can fight for top-5 places, then I think we will also be able to make it by the end of the season. It will certainly not happen overnight, we will have to be patient. I also believe that it is important for the team to try. It is too early now to reach conclusions and create an uproarhe concluded Ricciardo.

Photo: Twitter, McLaren

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