“Russia victim of cancel culture”

The young driver, excluded from Formula 1 due to the sanctions against Russia, protests at what happened to him following the invasion of Ukraine: “I don’t want to be exploited, even for me it is painful to see the images of that conflict. But what happens is against the athletes of my country “

Giulio Caronia

Kevin Magnussen’s performance, able to collect more points in two races than the entire Haas team had brought home in the past two seasons, quickly overshadowed Nikita Mazepin’s story. The young Russian driver paid a very high price for Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine by Russia, following the decision of the US team not to run with the financial support of Uralkali, the fertilizer giant owned by Nikita’s father and, until the outbreak of the war, the main sponsor of the team.


The son of the oligarch Dmitry Mazepin – who has always been considered in the close circle of Putin’s loyalists and not surprisingly invited to a meeting with the president to discuss the economic repercussions of the invasion – was then sacked by Haas and has always contested this decision . A thought reaffirmed also in the last interview granted to BBC News: “I disagree with these measures. I’ve said this before and that’s why I decided to fight them. Perhaps this is not the right time to point out certain things but, if we look at the situation as a whole, what is happening to Russian athletes is a form of cancel culture against my country “.


Mazepin’s reference is to ostracism typically expressed on social media against some public figures or companies in his country. An attitude that Mazepin intends to fight through the “We Compete As One” project, which aims to support Russian athletes excluded from international competitions. “I live in the same world you live in – added Mazepin Jr – and for me too it is very painful to look at the images of the conflict. My emotions are conditioned by the fact that I am a human being who wants to live in a world where peace reigns. But I’ll be honest, I see enormous risks in saying anything about it… Anyway I would displease someone and therefore I have decided that I will be silent ”.

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