Sainz, in Australia to continue refinement of F1-75 – News

Jeddah served to compare feelings, betweenoptimum that was 2021 and the current state of familiarity with the Ferrari F1-75. Come back to this point, Carlos, to point out the aspects to be refined. An adaptation of one’s driving style and the ferrying of the car towards a point of balance that works.

Sainz, a question of adaptation

While still in a state of adaptation, Sainz maximized the two GPs behind him, finishing on the podium and collecting good points from the point of view of the world championship.

“I miss a little bit of everything, to be honest. A little bit of everything is missing but let’s talk about small things, I have been fighting for all the poles this year, I just missed a tenth, we are not far from being there. Then I’m second in the world championship, only 12 points behind, so it wasn’t a perfect start, I don’t have the right feeling with the car at the moment, but I continue to be there and adapt the car a little more to my driving style and I have to adapt to this new generation of machines. I’ll get there “ensures.

Driving style of Leclerc more effective

It summarizes the whole cornering phase in the baggage of details to be perfected, compared to a Leclerc which – with a more aggressive and decisive driving – immediately found itself in tune with the characteristics of the F1-75.

“Those are super-technical things to explain, though last year’s car felt much more natural to drive and I adapted faster.

This year, for the way you have to drive, it is very different and not it is so natural to me; it feels natural to Charles. I just have to change a couple of things, it happens throughout the curve: from the braking point to the insertion, until you get back on the gas. There is a different technique for dealing with curves.

Then, the way we play with the steering wheel and pedals; the speeds at which we go make everything happen in a few tenths but, from the cockpit, we feel we have to fine-tune these things. I’m sure I just have to bring the car in terms of trim more towards my preferences“.

Red Bull starts with the underdogs

Equal to Leclerc, however, are the feelings on the eve of the Grand Prix on Ferrari’s competitiveness compared to Red Bull on the new Albert Park layout: “I approach with an open mind, because there is a completely new track, there is a new asphaltdifferent curbs, there are no bumps, it is a different track from the one we knew in the past.

The car was fast on both tracks, all the circuits we have been on so far. It is true that in Jeddah, with higher speed on the straight, Red Bull seemed to be a better car, better balanced in terms of top speed and cornering speed. So, considering how long the straights have gotten here, maybe they’ll be a bit ahead. I am convinced that we will still be able to do a good job “.

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