Salernitana saves, no fairy tale: it’s a bad football story, which this time had a miraculous happy ending

They say the Salerno that you save on the last day is one fable sporty. It is not true, in the championship of the grenade there is nothing of edifying: the Salernitana of the double ownership that probably shouldn’t even have to sign upof the first six months of foolish on the field, of the exclusion touched upon in December, of the corporate transfer daring, of spendthrift market in January, it’s one bad story typically Italian football. But this time it had a happy ending. Nobody wants to belittle the comeback of Campania and the moving exultation of mister Nicola, who has accomplished yet another miracle of his career. At the end of the first round the Salernitana had scrapped the misery of 8 points in the standingswas doomed and virtually already relegated: to think that now this team has saved itself on the last day by sending in B series two squares like Cagliari And Genoa, it is simply amazing. But neither can we forget everything that took place before these magical weeks.

La Salernitana, which will now be remembered as one of the most sensational recent achievements of Italian football, it was also one of the greatest shame of Italian football. Let’s remember where this comes from ride, which under normal conditions should not have existed. Last June the Salernitana registered despite the fact that it still belonged to Claudio Lotito and the rules prohibited timeshare. For six months we have been in A league a team “sub judice”, with the sword of Damocles of a possible exclusion during the current season, clearly not equipped to face the category (as a headless “trust” could have done). And that in fact on the field systematically collected defeats and goleade. Only in Italy can certain things happen.

In December, the corporate mess was resolved in extremis with the sale to the new owner Danilo Iervolino. That was a great success of the FIGC president, Gabriel Gravinathe eldest (the only one?) of his criticized managementbecause at the same time he managed to win the tug-of-war with the “enemy” Lotito, enforce the rules and ensure the regularity of the tournament. Even in that positive outcome, however, they are there several darkness: the sale for ten million of a company that was worth at least twice as much (let alone now, after keeping the category) was a kind of expropriation. Far from accusing Iervolino (which has only taken advantage of a favorable circumstance, indeed it has given a future to the city), or to defend Lotito (who knew very well what he was going to meet), the distortion of what happened is evident. Not even what happened next in January, with the pharaonic market conducted by Sabatini11 players caught and overpaid around the world, should be praised too much: in hindsight he has workedbut can we really consider it a virtuous way of playing football in the provinces?

After all, the perfect photograph of the season is precisely the salvation won by losing the decisive game 0-4 at home, while the Cagliari fails to beat Venice last in the standings: in a normal league both would have been relegated for some time. Agree the merits of the grenade, but the comeback it was only possible thanks to the suicide of those in front. This is the lowest altitude salvation ever since there has been A league to three points, and this should make the masters of our football reflect on how anachronistic the 20-team formula is, and it is necessary to reduce the number of participants to increase the competitiveness. This is what logic says. Fortunately, football is also emotions. What happened to Salernowhat happened at a certain point in the group, cannot be explained: when this bad story seemed destined to slip into oblivion without too much infamy, with one relegation announced, Nicola and his boys had the courage to believe it, and found the strength to invent a happy ending that no one thought possible. This ending surpasses all contradictionsmakes them fade into the garnet red that filled theArechi. It may not be a fairy tale, but this salvation is definitely a miracle. Now Salernitana will also have another opportunity to write a story of soccer improve.

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