Salernitana-Torino 0-1: the match report –

Salernitana-Torino, live match of the Serie A 2021/2022 championship: official line-ups, pre-match, result and scoreboard

After the stop for the national teams, Torino returns to the field at the Arechi of Salerno, to challenge the Salernitana of the former Davide Nicola. The granata have not won since January 15, when they beat Sampdoria away. Against the last in the standings, Belotti and his teammates are looking for redemption, even if in front of them they will find a team condemned to win to cultivate residual hopes of salvation. The kick-off is at 20.45: the live web of the match is here on


Salernitana-Turin 0-1: the match report

Marker: pt. 18 ‘Belotti rig. (T)

Expelled: st. 40 ‘Fazio (S) for a double yellow card

Ammonites: pt. 15 ‘Fazio (S), 35’ Belotti (T), st. 19 ′ Izzo (T), 24 ′ Berisha (T), Bonazzoli (S), 35 ′ Ederson (S), 38 ′ Gyomber, 45 ′ Singo (T)

Salerno (3-4-2-1): Sepe; Gyomber, Radovanovic, Fazio; Mazzocchi (from 30 ‘St. Ruggeri); Coulibaly (from 13th St. Bohinen), Ederson, Zortea (from 37th St. Vergani); Verdi (from 13 ‘st. Ribery), Bonazzoli; Djuric (from 30 ‘st. Mikael). Available. Belec, Fiorillo, Gagliolo, Di Tacchio, Kechrida, Obi, Dragusin. Trainer. Nicola

Turin (3-4-2-1): Berisha; Izzo, Bremer, Buongiorno (from 44 ‘St. Rodriguez); Singo, Ricci (from 22 ‘st. Linetty), Mandragora, Vojvoda; Lukic, Pjaca (from 22 ‘st. Brekalo); Belotti. Available. Milinkovic-Savic, Gemello, Zima, Rodriguez, Ansaldi, Angori, Aina, Seck, Warming, Pellegri. Trainer. Juric

Referee: Piccinini (Meli – Rocca association; IV: Marcenaro; VAR: Banti, AVAR: Santoro)

Salernitana-Turin: the direct

45 ‘+ 8 ENDS HERE! The Bull returns to win!

45 ‘+ 5 Mikael’s shot in the center of the area: a little high ball!

45 ‘+ 2 Belotti post! The Rooster kicks from outside, finds Ruggei’s deviation and the ball ends up on the outside pole.

45 ′ Seven minutes of recovery!

45 ′ Admonished Singo.

44 ′ Change for Juric: Buongiorno’s wound bleeds again, Rodriguez goes on the pitch.

41 ′ Linetty controls a cross from Vojvoda and leans back for Mandragora who kicks Sepe in the mouth!

40 ′ FAZIO EXPELLED! Second yellow for the defender, naive in holding Belotti back.

38 ′ Admonished Gyomber.

37 ′ Change for Nicola: inside Vergani instead of Zortea.

35 ′ Admonished Ederson for a hustle and bustle on Berisha. Meanwhile he hails, rains and blows the wind at Arechi.

35 ′ Izzo for the insertion of Lukic, who decentralizes and tries to kick, catching only the outside of the net.

30 ‘Substitutions in Salernitana: inside Ruggeri and Mikael instead of Mazzocchi and Djuric.

30 ‘Ederson runs away from Linetty and kicks from outside, not framing the posts.

28 ′ Radovanovic tries from his home: blocks Berisha.

24 ′ Ammonites Berisha and Bonazzoli.

24 ‘Fazio stands alone from a corner kick: ball out of nowhere!

22 ‘Two you change for Juric: outside Ricci and Pjaca, inside Linetty and Brekalo.

21 ′ A lot of nervousness between Bonazzoli and his former Torino teammates, after Mandragora remained on the ground for a ball.

20 ′ What a Berisha parade! Ederson leaves with a magic to Buongiorno, sharp right but Berisha is miraculous and avoids the 1-1.

19 ‘ Admonished Izzo for a high-leg surgery on Ribery.

18 ‘Bohinen comes out in the middle of the confusion and slips into the area: by profession, Bremer accompanies him to the exit.

16 ′ Djuric and Buongiorno return to the field with two showy head bandages: the two clashed a little while ago.

13 ‘Double change in Salernitana: Bohinen and Ribery enter, out of Coulibaly and Verdi.

11 ′ GOAL CANCELED! The VAR cancels Singo’s goal for offside.

9 ′ GOOOOOOOOOL DEL TOROOOOOO! Singo scored! Bremer stands out on a corner action, in complete solitude, Sepe saves the conclusion but Singo rushes into the counter and scores 2-0.

8 ′ Calm rhythms in this start of recovery.

5 ′ Belotti remains on the ground after a hard blow suffered by Gyomber: Juric clamors for the yellow.

1 ′ We start again!

The teams return to the field.


45 ‘+ 3 The first half ends here! Bull ahead in Salerno.

44 ′ Corner of Mandrake, Singo’s head that sends very high.

42 ′ It is played for a few seconds in a row: very fragmented game so far.

41 ′ Coulibaly kicks from afar: to the stars.

40 ′ Izzo leaves the field still in pain, after another contrast with Djuric: he has a cut on his eyebrow that the doctors of Toro are trying to plug.

38 ‘Berisha parries with his feet on a Fazio shot! But everything is still: on 17 Salernitana was offside.

35 ′ Admonished Belotti for a late intervention on Ederson.

30 ‘Ricci recovers a good ball, spreads over Pjaca who crosses for Belotti: with his head, he sends to the side.

28 ′ Izzo remains on the ground, after a tough aerial conflict with Djuric: 5 seems to be able to do it.

26 ‘Vojvoda hits from the left, Fazio deviates awkwardly, Belotti finds her there, a few meters from the goal, but fails to pull hard: Sepe blocks in two stages!

22 ′ Djuric-Bremer duel, the ball comes out and becomes good for Bonazzoli who kicks from outside: ball on the bottom with deviation, corner.

21 ′ Radovanovic with the head: ball to the side just a little!

18 ′ GOOOOOOOOOL DEL TOROOOO! Belotti is not wrong this time.

18 ′ It must be retorted! Gyomber entered the area before serving and then swept the ball rejected by Sepe.

17 ‘ PARA SEPE! Belotti misses the penalty.

15 ‘PENALTY FOOTBALL FOR THE BULL! Fazio blatantly holds Belotti on a cross from the left, Piccinini points to the spot. The defender is cautioned.

14 ‘Pjaca frees himself to the limit, returns and kicks: Sepe blocks.

8 ‘Verdi’s pole! Mazzocchi parades on the right, ball inside for 10, who shoots well but first finds Berisha’s gloves and then the post: Salernitana centimeters from 1-0!

7 ′ Two initiatives in a few minutes for Toro: first an exchange to the limit, but Belotti misses the touch, then a break from Pjaca on the left.

4 ′ The hosts left strong. Another free kick by Verdi, Berisha still comes out with his fists and is overwhelmed by Fazio.

2 ‘Cut corner by Verdi: Berisha must use her fists to move away.

1 ′ Go! First ball played by Toro.

Teams in the field at Arechi! The Serie A anthem rings out.


Salernitana-Turin: the pre-match

20.30 – The warm-up of the two teams is in the final stages: last shots on goal for Turin and Salernitana: then let’s start!

7.45 pm – In the official formations, Juric confirms the rumors of the eve: Lukic is the attacking midfielder, Ricci goes in the middle of the field. Brekalo, on the other hand, starts on the bench: Pjaca is the owner.

6.45 pm -Two hours to go before the start of Salernitana-Torino. Juric will have to renounce the suspended Pobega, and there is curiosity to know who will take his place on the frontline. In goal there will be Berisha, in the third consecutive starting game, while Belotti is ready in attack, who was spurred on by the coach at the press conference: “Away is non-existent,” said Juric. One hour from the start, the official formations will be communicated.

Salernitana-Turin: where to see it on TV and streaming

Genoa-Turin live on TV will be broadcast by Dazn, the streaming platform that holds the rights to the Serie A matches for the three-year period 2021-2024.

Salernitana-Turin: the official formations

Salerno (3-4-2-1): Sepe; Gyomber, Radovanovic, Fazio; Mazzocchi; Coulibaly, Ederson, Zortea; Verdi, Bonazzoli; Djuric. Available. Belec, Fiorillo, Gagliolo, Ruggeri, Bohinen, Di Tacchio, Kechrida, Obi, Ribery, Dragusin, Mikael, Vergani. Trainer. Nicola

Turin (3-4-2-1): Berisha; Izzo, Bremer, Good morning; Singo, Ricci, Mandragora, Vojvoda; Lukic, Pjaca; Belotti. Available. Milinkovic-Savic, Gemello, Zima, Rodriguez, Ansaldi, Angori, Aina, Linetty, Seck, Brekalo, Warming, Pellegri. Trainer. Juric

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