Scaroni and Antonello on the stadium: ‘Ready to move to the city that will give shorter times. Sixth concrete hypothesis, disappointed by Milan ‘| First page

The CEO of Inter, Alessandro Antonello and the president of the Milan, Paolo Scaronispoke to Radio 24 to talk about the problem of construction of the new stadium in place of the current San Siro.

SCARONI ON THE LOST OPPORTUNITY – “I expected us to be faster especially in Milan which is a city of doing things, so it wasn’t, but we know our country, we are good at losing opportunities because the bureaucracy is holding us back”

ANTONELLO ON TIMES TOO LONG – “The position is the same as AC Milan, we started with a lot of enthusiasm, then in our country the Italian system does not help. On infrastructures and large sports infrastructures, despite the law on stadiums to which we have appealed, the times have lengthened beyond the due “

SCARONI ON THE CHOICE SHARED BY THE TWO CLUBS – “Inter and Milan have the same vision because they have the same ambition to play a leading role in European football, the stadium is the first ingredient for success, our fans think so too”.

ANTONELLO AND THE 1000 DAYS – “I don’t want to understand the politics of Milan. I’m a man of the company and I don’t want to get into political meanders. We want to follow the rules, but we want certain times. For investors, the most difficult thing to accept is uncertainty. After 1000 days we are still waiting for the approval of a project. Surely the public debate is an opportunity for transparency, but the times are too long. Probably in 3 years in other countries the work would not only be at an advanced stage, but almost completed “.

SCARONI ON THE MILAN STADIUM – “What was missing in this project is that this project has remained only that of Milan and Inter. It has never become the project for Milan. There remains only the concept that it is for us and not for the city. One of the reasons why we are looking at ourselves outside of Milan, it is only because we want to embrace the project in a shorter time, wherever it is. We have the urgency to build the stadium “.

ANTONELLO ON THE SIXTH HYPOTHESIS – “The options are there, you must always have alternative plans. We simao investors who look concretely. THE main thing is to reach the goal of having the new stadium in the shortest possible time. but that we are evaluating concretely. The opportunities exist, they must be evaluated technically “.

SCARONI ON THE ICONICITY OF SAN SIRO – “San Siro is iconic because Inter and Milan played there. The stadium became famous because it is thanks to the results of the two clubs. If they went somewhere else, that other part would become just as iconic.”

SCARONI ON PLAYERS GOING TO ZERO – “When a player makes requests that are not sustainable, we agree to lose him to zero.”

ANTONELLO ON ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY – “The issue of sustainability is now a crucial issue. The world has changed and as the world has changed priorities have changed. Economic and financial sustainability must be balanced with competitiveness. These are important elements that must be taken into consideration as equals. The economic maneuvers must be managed in a manner combined with the sports area “.

ANTONELLO ON THE FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY – “Uefa is changing Financial Fair Play into Financial Sustenabiliy. These new rules, compared to the existing rules, are accompanying the football system out of the difficult period of the Pandemic. Then, for the subsequent development, clubs must be given the opportunity to invest in respect of sustainability. The gap between rich and less rich clubs exists, but it is linked, for example, to the fact that the Premier League has higher revenues. We as an Italian system must make up for this gap “.

SCARONI ON THE STADIUM PROJECT – “I noticed that the municipality of Genoa took only 3 months for the dam they are building. The time for public debate can be shortened. We will provide the municipality with everything it needs, but it will have to be done quickly. clubs with which Inter and Milan meet in Europe have stadium revenues 3 times higher than ours. How can you compete like this? “.

ANTONELLO ON SUPERLEGA – “The Super League project was a cry of alarm about a situation that was emerging difficult and dramatic. The financial statements that were presented were the mirror of this. It was a way of saying: gentlemen, this is not going forward, we must reform the system to support the club, the system and start investing again. In the current system we are always struggling to manage. Clubs must do their part to optimize resources, costs and manage the moment. The search for new revenue is essential and the stadium is a specific request “.

AUDIENCE SCARONI – “To have that international audience that we lack, for example in the comparison with Spain that collects 3 times us, we also need full and beautiful stadiums to look at. Today in Italy this is not the case”.

SCARONI – “I congratulate Gazidis, Maldini and Massara for having achieved great results while keeping the accounts under control. The first choice was made on Pioli and we must give them the credit that the coach has been important in these two years”.

ANTONELLO – “I want to reassure the fans because despite the maneuvers made, the competitiveness of the team has remained at the highest level. We believe that the sustainability of the club is essential and fundamental, but the competitiveness of the club must remain guaranteed. The next transfer market will have to follow this. Downsizing ? No, it’s a question of sustainability. Things can go hand in hand, Milan proves it. “

SCARONI – “In the budget I wrote to finish fourth, what comes next is all good. Then I don’t put limits on providence”.

ANTONELLO – “I must say that it is important to review the two Milan teams that are competitive to win. In sport you take the field to win and the battle will be resolved in the last few days. Our championship is beautiful like this, because every year there are 4 / 5 teams that can compete “.

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