Scoreboard Milan Bologna 0-0 April 4, 2022

If you make 33 (thirty-three) shots towards the opponent’s goal without getting the shred of a goal (and without even forcing the opposing goalkeeper to perform any miracle, to be honest) it is evident that you have a problem ahead. After all, it took 22 (twenty-two) to make one at Cagliari, and who knows how many it will take to unhinge the defense of Genoa, the third team in the red and blue jersey in four games that we will meet on the passionate Friday preceding Easter.

I talked about a problem before me, but in reality there is more than one, it is enough to mention names and surnames to bring them into focus … there is a Rafa Leao who almost always alternates starts as a champion with arrivals as a supporting actor, an Olivier Giroud who has the movements of a thoroughbred center forward but must be served in a certain way and only in that, a Junior Messias who confirms once more that he is what he is (a last-minute low-cost fallback), an Alexis Saelemaekers who when he enters he tries to dribble even himself in the throes of omnipotence delusions, an Ante Rebic who continues to enjoy unlimited credit when the bank would have already withdrawn his card for some time, a Brahim Diaz who looks more and more like one of those little dogs barking and barking and whirling their legs while remaining still in place, a crepuscular Zlatan Ibrahimovic that I would like to head but I can’t make of fiber.

Yet dear gentlemen, this Brancaleone Army, this mass of problems that summarizes all the faults in the world, continues to be first in the standings, when at the end there are only seven games left, so how do we put it dear prophets of doom?

Is it just luck? Reading certain continuous complaints against our bad luck and the luck of others would not be said.

Is it due to favorable arbitrage? To hear the arguments of those who keep track of the points left on the street because of the corrupt building, it would not seem like it.

So dear Nighters, it’s time to find some balance again, because if you think that the team is fundamentally poor, hit by bad luck and decimated by unfavorable arbitrage and despite everything it is first in the standings something at a logical level does not come back, but it does not come back. really.

If someone thought of winning the championship in carriage with 3 days to spare, he was very wrong, this team does not have the means to do it, they will have to fight until the last inch of the last minute of the last day, and it may not be enough.

Tonight there was a lack of quality from the trocar up, the clarity and calm of the strong, and it is not the first time.

But at this point of the season those who profess to be AC ​​Milan have the duty to believe in it and to be next to these guys without themselves and without but, like those 35 thousand assholes (the undersigned is one of them) who have already bought the ticket for the match with Atalanta 45 days before.

Those who “the Scudetto is officially gone” or “that’s enough, I’ll close it here with tonight” or “I can’t ruin my health for these people” can serenely start following basketball, we’ll make a reason.

Maignan: 6.5 Confident in business, superlative on a great long shot from Barrow that could make the match even more difficult than it was

Calabria: 5.5 He has two of the clearest chances of the game on his foot but as often happens he lacks technique and clarity, frustrating them both, he plays a generous and frenetic game but the quality often leaves something to be desired.

Florenzi: 5.5 About twenty minutes willing but of little construction, he puts in the middle several balls from the trocar easy preys of the Bolognese rearguard

Kalulu: 6.5 Play easy and precise on the advance, alternating with Tomori in the care of a mangy customer, that Arnautovic who perhaps deserves more qualified stages

Tomori: 6.5 Copy and paste the report card of the teammate, it cannot be a coincidence that the team has not conceded a goal since the rearguard is in the hands of the Black Arrows

Theo Hernandez: 6 At least it has the merit of trying it from the outside with insistence, it restarts several times ball and chain at speed without raising its head at the right time, the last step to be completed in its growth path is to moderate instinct with a little rationality. more

Bennacer: 7 (best) Once again a man everywhere ready to bear the weight of the entire midfield on his shoulders, he recovers an industrial quantity of balls and tries to sew the two phases with clarity, Pioli takes it off when he has no more.

Kessie: 5.5 Usually listless homework from the end of the contract but this passes the convent, let’s do it a reason which is better

Tonals: 5 It is now more than a month that he is in the down phase, a distant relative of the player admired for long stretches in the first round, perhaps he should catch his breath, but for whom?

Messias: 4 Discomforting, insufficient, irritating, inadequate performance, you find the adjective best suited to the need … we complained (rightly, perhaps) about Suso, from him onwards numbers in hand the right wing was a continuous downgrade, the first area on which intervene in the next market

Rebic: 5.5 PsycoAnte enters animated by the best intentions but soon ends up getting confused and arguing with everyone, when instead there would have been a need for calm and lucidity

Brahim Diaz: 5 The Andalusian whisk tries hard but just can’t do it, the commitment is inversely proportional to the effectiveness and the final result is another nothing on the scoreboard.

Leao: 5.5 I wonder what the pre-match warm-up is for if you end up wearing shoes with which you slide to the ground in two out of three restarts, he’s the only one who tries to jump the man with some continuity but thwarts two good opportunities inside of the penalty area with trivial conclusions

Giroud: 6 On the rare occasions when they manage to serve him properly, he shows that he is there, engaging Skorupski with two head shots, for the rest he can only try to work on the shore for the benefit of distracted comrades.

Ibrahimovic: 5.5 Just over twenty minutes available, but by now it has been understood that his autonomy is that, I will never stop thanking him for having restored our dignity and given us a bit of his winning mentality, but by now I really fear that the titles of tail, hopefully with an epic ending

Pegs: 5.5 I really find it hard to rationally judge his contribution this evening, it cannot be said that the team has approached the commitment badly or lacked the right concentration, but certain initial training choices leave us perplexed (again Messias) and also the decision to giving up the double center forward in the final boarding is difficult to understand.


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