Serie A, the pagellone of the season

Milan beyond the limits, regret Inter, unfinished Juve, disappointment Capital, Cagliari and Genoa from 3

AC MILAN 9. The one of the last 5 days, in which it was a real steamroller, would be 10 and praise. But the maximum score usually goes to those who dominate the championship, to those who establish records from the Roll of honor, in relation to points or goals. Who ends up undefeated. Milan does not have these records, but they won by going beyond their limits, by the lack of a match-busting center-forward. Thanks to a squad able to make up for the continuous inaction of Rebic and Ibrahimovic and the intermittent one of Giroud, still decisive with Inter, Napoli and in the championship challenge with Sassuolo. The group won, Maldini’s decision to challenge the club that wanted to replace Pioli with Rangnick. And the coach repaid his trust by amplifying the team’s strengths and hiding its small flaws. He managed its potential with skill and wisdom, exalting the unstoppability of the two left “rambo”, Leao and Theo, the exponential growth of Tonali. And the insuperability of the defensive trio Maignan, Tomori and Kalulu. AC Milan won, improving the points and the second place of the last championship, overturning the predictions that, in the imminence of the very delicate last 5 matches, provided for the overtaking by Inter, favored – it was said – by a more affordable calendar and an overall higher technical figure.

INTER 8.5. He could have done more had he not run aground in Bologna and in the three matches (Sassuolo, Turin and Fiorentina) played without Brozovic. But these are not mitigating. But the limits of a great team that, after having metabolized the departures of Lukaku and Hakimi, had nevertheless been able to find the same superiority of the previous season. She closes with the awareness of her own strength – sanctioned by the two successes in the Italian Cup and the Super Cup – and with the regret of having reached the finish line behind those who had been able to tame the game (in the league) and in the Italian Cup.

NAPLES 7. He improved his score a year ago by two points, and – unlike then – entered the Champions League as third in the standings. A consolation prize that mitigates the malaise for the too many harakiri against the small ones (first of all the fatal Empoli) and for the heavy absences he had to face due to injuries and the African Cup.

FIORENTINA 7. She returned to Europe after 5 years of inaction and did so by improving the previous year’s ranking by 22 points. Not a legendary feat, considering that in the past championship the “viola” had been very little. But with Italiano you have found a clear game identity, with which you have also been able to go beyond the sale of your champion Dusan Vlahovic.

VERONA, TURIN and SALERNITANA 6.5. The Venetians, albeit with 8 points more than in the past championship, have not improved the company record of 54 set with Mandorlini in the season of the return to Serie A. But they have been able to give every opponent a hard time. The same thing can be said for Juric’s Torino, who fought on equal terms with everyone and also improved the ranking of a year ago (decidedly deficient) by 13 points. The Salernitana deserves the same score for being able to accomplish a feat that no one believed. None except the usual Davide Nicola, an expert in miraculous salvation.

ROME AND LATIUM 6. Much more was expected of both. Sarri’s team finished in fifth place but with 4 points less than a year ago. Roma finished sixth with a measly plus 1 over the past championship. However, Mourinho had the great merit of rekindling enthusiasm in the capital. And it goes without saying that if he won the Confederence League the 6 on the report card would increase by at least one and a half points.

Attested on 6 “political” and abundant are also the BOLOGNA (+5), TheUDINESE (+7), LO SPICE (-3), all in line with the proclamations of the beginning of the season.

While the JUVENTUS, 5, absolutely does not deserve the pass. His vote is the faithful mirror of the first season without a single title. Marked by 3 defeats against Inter and chronic lack of play. He has the excuse of the injury to Chiesa and the unexpected departure of Ronaldo. And the consequent lack of their goals. He tried to remedy this with Vlahovic, but after an excellent period marked by a positive streak, Allegri’s team has returned to being an unfinished luxury.

Like Juventus, I would place the SAMPDORIA , 5, save but with 16 points less than a year ago. And the SASSUOLO5, whose wavering performance was paid 12 points less. ATALANTA 4. After 5 years the Goddess has not landed in her natural habitat, Europe. Too many points less, as many as 19, and only 4 home wins. From 4 is also the VENICE, but with the attenuation of the novitiate. FROM 3 relegated them CAGLIARI and GENOA, both unable to express greater potential than their respective depressing rankings.

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