Serie B – 33rd round: the results

In front of Berlusconi, Stroppa’s team closes the practice in the first half. In the key match Nicolas denies Corini joy. Show at the Tardini: Parma-Como 4-2. The Vicenza-Crotone salvation challenge is also equal

Michele Antonelli-Francesco Pietrella

Parma’s poker against Como opens on Wednesday in Serie B, but the festival of goals ends there. Two 0-0, Cittadella-Perugia and Pisa-Brescia, then two flashes of Monza at Ascoli. Stroppa’s guys are three points behind first place. The salvation challenge between Vicenza and Crotone ends 1-1.

Parma-Como 4-3

Season below expectations for Parma, which reaches the final rush with a margin of error close to zero for the return to the playoff race. Less pressure for Gattuso’s men, in the wake of the post-victory enthusiasm in the derby with Monza. The first chance at the Tardini is for Como after 10 ‘. Vignali’s cross cut from the right and Parisini’s deviation with the shoulder: high ball. Yellow-blue spark in the 18th minute with his left foot from the edge of “Mudo” Franco Vazquez, saved by Gori. Halfway through the first fraction, Parma takes control of the game and tries with the right to cross Bernabé, out a few centimeters from the post. The 1-0 arrives at half an hour: ball in the middle of Man, nice left foot from Vazquez in the fall and ball in the net with the decisive deviation of Vignali, who leaves no way out for Gori. Como takes measures and responds in the 39th minute with Cerri’s right-footed volley, well served by Iovine: powerful but central shot, Turk’s sure response. A minute later the protagonist is still the 2001 Bernabé class, who prints the left around the intersection. Teams at rest at 1-0 and opening of the second half still yellow and blue, with Benedyczak’s low shot neutralized by Gori (49 ‘). The Como is not there and responds immediately with the header of La Gumina: ball out. The draw comes suddenly. At 61 ‘the launch of Iovine for Gliozzi surprises the Emilian defense: the attacker anticipates Turk and makes 1-1. Six minutes later Parisini finds the right shot and after 50 meters ball and chain serves Gliozzi, merciless in the insertion for the personal double: 1-2. Como ahead and the script overturned. Parma reacts and takes it back with the feat of Bernabé on a free kick, surgical in beating Gori at the near post (76 ‘). The replay after 4 ‘: same tile, change of angle, identical result and double for the Barça school class of 2001. Gattuso’s team did not recover and gave up completely 5 ‘from the end, with Tutino’s poker, quicker than all to exploit a rebound in the penalty area. At the beginning of the recovery Gliozzi’s trio from the spot, but that’s not enough. Parma, unbeaten in the last nine games, takes advantage of the stop of Frosinone and gets closer to the playoff area, now six points away.

Cittadella-Perugia 0-0

Chichizola saves Perugia from the second defeat in four games. The Argentine number one, 5 ‘from the end, makes the parade of the day on Del Fabbro and gives a point to the Umbrians, ninth at 48 points. Match stingy with big chances: at 33 ‘Laribi wasted the advantage, after a header by De Luca saved by Kastrati (29’). Before the miracle of Chichizola, however, another good chance for the Cittadella with Lores, a left-footed shot from the edge, but in the end at the Tombolato it ends 0-0. The Venetians waste two important points in terms of playoffs, now they are 11th at 45 points (Frosinone is at -6). Gorini’s boys haven’t won in 7 games.

Vicenza-Crotone 1-1

At Menti, emotions win. Chances, chances, miracles, reds, and in the end it ends 0-0. An equal that is of little use to both. Vicenza opens the games with Schnegg’s own goal, who instead of anticipating Teodorczyk throws it in his own goal at half an hour. On Crecco’s corner from the right, Festa does not come out and Vicenza takes advantage of it. It will not last long: at 40 ‘Marras – served by Cangiano – finds the right corner with a strong and precise left in the corner. At 44 ‘Vicenza is also left with ten players due to Schnegg’s dismissal, who completes the evening no. The most sensational opportunity is for the hosts and comes 20 ‘from the end. Meggiorini, completely alone, hits an empty goal post on a cross from the right that crosses the whole area. In the final Crotone splinters a crossbar with Cangiano (85 ‘), before a right by Meggiorini neutralized by Festa (88’). One point each. Vicenza to 25 points in the playout area, rossoblù to 21 in the relegation area.

Monza-Ascoli 2-0

One two and Monza goes home. Now he is 3 points from the top (Cremonese) and 2 from the second square occupied by Lecce. Valoti and Gytkjaer stretch Ascoli 2-0 and redeem the defeat with Como. The first goal is from Valoti, ninth in the league. At 15 ‘free kick by Barberis from twenty-five meters, Guarna saves but the ball ends up on the feet of the former Spal, who on the rebound puts Monza ahead. Gytkjaer doubled on a penalty (Botteghin foul on Ciurria in the 27th minute). The Dane displaces Guarna and scores the seventh goal in the league. In the second half Ascoli tries to raise his head, but that’s not what. In the 48th minute, the bianconeri close to 2-1: in an attempt to anticipate Saric, Gytkjaer hits the top half of the away match. Last thrill, three points at Monza. Ascoli remains seventh at 52 points, in the middle of the playoff area.

Pisa-Brescia 0-0

Second 0-0 of the day. The big match with a view to Serie A ends in a draw. Corini’s Brescia tries again and again but fails to sting, also due to a Nicolas in a state of grace. At 17 ‘miracle of the goalkeeper of the Tuscans on Ayé, then another intervention on Van de Looi at 45’. Pisa shows up with Puscas in the 54th minute, but Joronen deflects for a corner. The last thrill of the match is the red for Lorenzo Lucca, who has entered the second half and has run out of goals since October (leg too high). Pisa fourth at 58 points, Brescia sixth at 57, just one distance away.


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