Simeone condemns the Griffin, the first knockout for Blessin

A goal by the Argentine at the start of the game puts the rossoblu, now penultimate, in trouble and launches Hellas in ninth place

Here comes the first defeat for Alexander Blessin on the bench of the Genoa and it is a heavy knockout: in the postponement of the 31st day of A leaguethe Verona passes 1-0 at home on the Grifone and condemns the Ligurians to the penultimate place in the standings (3 points from the safety zone). Simeone’s network at the start of the match was decisive, packaged together with the other ex of the match Bessa. The Tudor team, on the other hand, is confirmed in the noble areas of the ranking.

Alexander Blessin’s first defeat on the Genoa bench reaches the ninth game (after seven draws and one victory). Against Verona at the Bentegodi it is a heavy knockout, which condemns the Grifone to the penultimate place three points behind the fourth to last Cagliari, while Hellas confirms the excellent season and settles in the noble areas. Shock start for Genoa: after just five minutes, at the first lunge, Verona immediately took the lead. It is precisely the two ex Genoans Bessa and Simeone to pack the Scaligero goal: the Brazilian pocketed with an assist to the kiss and the Argentine, in a regular position also certified by the Var, is faster than Vasquez and Sirigu to touch with the tip and put in the net. Uphill match then for the team of Blessin, who not only fails to compose himself but risks being doubled on 23 ‘when Caprari’s shot lands on the post. Verona still on the shields and Griffin in a doll shortly after half an hour, Caprari always protagonist but Sirigu is careful at the near post. The guests are crushed and are struggling to create chances, at the interval Blessin tries to change gear with the inputs of Galdames and Yeboah, but at the start of the second half it is still Hellas, with the usual Simeone, to approach the header. We have to wait for the 69th minute for Genoa’s first real flash: Yeboah puts in the middle and Piccoli’s turn, as soon as he has entered Destro’s place, is rejected by Lazovic. It’s just a jolt because in the 77th minute it’s still Verona to touch the goal with the Ligurians thanking Sirigu on Hongla. In the final, Genoa tries the attack but the attempts are sterile and at the triple whistle the rossoblu have to deal with a worrying ranking.

Lazovic 6.5
– Tireless as always on the wing, a thorn in the side for the defense of his former team, he is also useful in cover
Bessa 7 – Inspired by the trocar, he dictates the times and is wonderfully with Simeone in Caprari, an excellent assist for the Veronese goal
Simeone 7.5 – Back to scoring after three games with a goal as a true striker, then as always fight and sacrifice up front
Sturaro 5 – Tired and out of the game, he lacks the usual dynamism, he gets a yellow card in the first half and then Blessin replaces him already at half-time Portanova 6 – The only one who tries to invent something worries Montipò on occasion, but alone he cannot do more
Right 5 – Isolated and poorly supported by his teammates, he lacks malice and is always harnessed by the defense of Hellas

VERONA (3-4-2-1)
: Montipò 6, Casale 6, Gunter 6.5, Ceccherini 6, Faraoni 6.5 (34 ‘st Sutalo sv), Tameze 6.5, Ilic 5.5, Lazovic 6.5 (24’ st Depaoli 6), Bessa 7 (25 ‘st Hongla 6.5), Caprari 7 (45’ st Frabotta sv), Simeone 7.5. Available: Boseggia, Chiesa, Chancellors, Praszelik, Retsos. Annex Tudor 7
GENOA (4-2-3-1): Sirigu 6, Hefti 5.5, Vasquez 4.5, Maksimovic 5, Frendrup 5.5, Sturaro 5 (1 ‘st Galdames 6), Badelj 6, Gudmundsson 5.5 (1’ st Yeboah 6), Melegoni 5, 5 (33 ‘st Ekuban sv), Portanova 6 (18’ st Amiri 5.5), Destro 5 (18 ‘st Piccoli 6). Available: Marchetti, Semper, Calafiori, Criscito, Ghiglione, Hernani, Masiello. Annex Blessin 5.5
Referee: Fourneau
Markers: 5 ‘pt Simeone (Ver)
Ammonites: Sturaro, Ceccherini, Tameze, Gudmundsson, Bessa, Casale, Hefti

• Verona find success in Serie A after three games (2N, 1P); the previous one last February 27 (3-1 at Venice).
• First defeat for Alexander Blessin at the helm of Genoa after a series of eight consecutive useful results (1W, 7N); the previous knockout in the tournament against Fiorentina (0-6) last January 17th with Konko on the bench.
• Giovanni Simeone is the second player in all of Verona’s history capable of scoring more than 15 goals in a single Serie A season (before him only Luca Toni, who scored 20 goals in 2013/14 and 22 in 2014/15 ).
• Giovanni Simeone has scored his 16th goal this Serie A; he hadn’t scored since his hat-trick against Venezia last February 27th.
• After conceding seven goals in the previous five Serie A matches, Verona ended the match without conceding a goal: the previous clean sheets against Udinese on 13 February.
• Since Igor Tudor has been the manager of Verona (14 September 2021), only Inter (54) has scored more goals than the Venetian side (53) in this Serie A.
• Verona have scored 12 goals in the first 15 minutes of the first half, more than any other team in Serie A this season.
• Only Salernitana (12) have conceded more goals than Genoa (11) in the first fifteen minutes of play in this Serie A.
• Genoa conceded goals in Serie A after four consecutive clean sheets; the last match with a passive goal in the tournament against Venezia (1-1 outside) last February 22nd.
• Daniel Bessa served his first assist in Serie A this season; there was no need for a winning pass in the tournament from 3 April 2021 against Cagliari.
• Darko Lazovic made his 200th game in Serie A, becoming the eighth Serbian player to cross this milestone in the era of three points per win in the Italian top flight.

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