Sinner, after Miami comes the outburst on social media: “It wasn’t easy”

The South Tyrolean champion wanted to reiterate his disappointment at the retirement from the last Masters in America, with a message on his Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Jannik Sinner during the Miami tournament (photo from ANSA)

The big disappointment for a premature withdrawal from Miami Masters it was clear right away, but Jannik Sinner he wanted to reiterate it strongly even after a few days. In fact, the retirement came after just five games (on the result of 4 to 1 in the first set in favor of the Argentine Francisco Cerundolo), due to the pain caused by the blisters at his feet, he tormented the young South Tyrolean, who on his social channels underlined his regret for what happened.

A strong message from the young Italian talent, who is already called to redeem in the next appointments after a not exactly exciting start to 2022.

Sinner, the social outburst: “A difficult month, not easy to retire to Miami”

As a demonstration of the great disappointment after the withdrawal on American soil, Jannik Sinner wanted to launch a message even to those who, watching it on television, perhaps thought of a too hasty choice, especially after the extraordinary victory against the Australian Nick Kyrgios.

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This is Sinner’s outburst on his social channels: “It wasn’t easy withdraw in Miami. It’s been a while a month hard with mine illness to Indian Wells and now this. I have taken the last few days to rest and get advice on my feet moving forward. I hope to be ready for Monte Carlo #forza “.

In short, the hope is to see the young talent again in the next tournament of Montecarlowhere among other things the hope is to witness the return of the number 6 in the world, Mattero Berrettiniwith the latter that in a short time will be subjected to a check-up after the operation on his right hand.

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However, it is unlikely that Berrettini himself will succeed in this small undertaking, forging ahead, while it is more likely that Sinner will return to the field to recover positions in the world ranking, after having slipped into twelfth position.

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