Skriniar, renewal ready at the end of the season: Inter have the anti Premier plan

The Slovak is a protege of Zhang: the agreement until 2026 serves to repel Manchester United and Tottenham and to put the club in a position of strength

There are two AC Milan to keep an eye on these days. And of course, it is natural to think of Stefano Pioli’s team, the championship, the overtaking plan and the second star. But then there is Skriniar, the one with the wrong name (for Inter fans) but always with the right performances. So much so that they noticed it everywhere. Two clubs above all: Manchester United, whose scouts took their first steps already in the summer of 2018, and Tottenham, where Antonio Conte is, the same club that in 2020 sent the managers to Milan to try to kidnap him. There are at least a couple of more reasons to hurry Inter in the renewal plan.

The project

We could summarize it as an anti-Premier plan. Inter urgently need to renew the agreement. The deadline, 2023, tells it all. Extending it, bringing it up to 2026, however, means putting the Nerazzurri in a position of strength, even in the face of possible summer assaults by the aforementioned clubs. Today Skriniar, so to speak, is the player in the squad with the largest market. More than Lautaro, more than Barella himself. That’s why the Nerazzurri club and the Slovakian defender will sit around a table by the end of the season to trace the lines of the new contract. It is clear that the renewals of the last season – from Lautaro to Barella, up to Brozovic – will guide the economic discourse. Today Skriniar earns 3.5 million, in addition to bonuses. He will need to touch up that figure, of course. Inter have in mind to offer the defender a Barella-style deal, which gradually increases the salary. But that still guarantees the defender an increase from the first season. And therefore it is conceivable that the new bar could be fixed at 4.5 million plus bonuses at the start, up to a contract that in the following years will exceed 5 million. It is logical that, 12 months after the deadline, the risk that the negotiation will be “polluted” by the insertions of others cannot be completely excluded. That, for example, at the end of the season the requests to the player are made pressing, from the two English clubs already mentioned but also from other interested teams. In this sense, however, Inter feel relatively calm: Skriniar has never shown the will to leave. He stated it in a recent interview from the retirement of his national team, he also showed it with facts. And he has already made it clear in all forms, even privately, to the Nerazzurri managers in recent times. Translation: the risk of players who on the one hand act in one way and then work on the other – any reference to Lukaku is purely intentional -, in the case of the Slovakian it seems averted.


So that’s why the road to renewal doesn’t seem particularly difficult to tackle. After all, the new contract is convenient for everyone. To the player, who would see his performances recognized. And to the club, which at that point would have the strength to say no to the Premier’s assaults. Of course: we are at the dawn of a summer that promises to be complicated in terms of the market for Inter, the renunciation of at least one of the big players in the squad is not excluded. And in these situations the choice is never of who sells, but rather of who buys, on the identified goal and on the amount that is willing to invest. Non-transferables do not exist at Inter. Then there are priorities. And the priority for Inter is to ensure that Skriniar remains a point of reference for the Nerazzurri for a long time. This is why, in the face of British assaults, it is unthinkable that we reason below the figures at the limit of the market. To be clear: under the overall 55 million spent a year ago by Tottenham for Romero of Atalanta, we would not go. After all, the growth of the Slovakian has been exponential. He has shown flexibility in the role, and also went beyond the coach who guided him: from Spalletti to Conte and today to Inzaghi, his performance has always been well above sufficiency. And these are elements that weigh in an evaluation.

Zhang’s pupil

After all, how irreplaceable he is also for Inzaghi is told by the numbers: he is the outfield player, therefore Handanovic excluded, most used this season. Passage not to be underestimated: he is one of the most appreciated players by president Zhang, by the way. And in the last two seasons he has also grown enormously in the management of his temperament: only one yellow card last season, just three this year, therefore not even a day of suspension remedied. In Inzaghi’s championship plan he is a pillar: for him there is no turnover, only insured jerseys and problems for the opposing center-forward (ask Vlahovic). Inter imagine the future with him. But now we have to go to the facts, so as not to entice and ignite the fantasies of others even more. In Manchester and London they know how to do it well.


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