solve the mystery of Formula One

Formula One is one of the most popular sports in the world. Today’s test will allow you to come to terms with a real mystery

Today we want to make a gift to motoring enthusiasts, and not only. This test it is suitable for anyone who wants to test their own ability to imagine a potentially real situation and find a solution. Not everyone was able to give the correct answer, deceived by some details included in the question precisely to mislead the user.

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The image above is about overtaking and that is exactly what today’s test is about. Here is the situation you will have to imagine: you are a pilot of Formula One and you’re in the middle of a Grand Prix. Your car is very performing and, after the pit stop, your comeback begins. Right now you just passed second in the standings. What position are you in now?

For the test to be valid, you need to give one reply in seconds, without thinking too much. You will have to rely on your instincts, providing the correct answer. If you fail to answer or just want to find out if you guessed right, you will have the opportunity to access the test solution. Just scroll the text down, good continuation.

The solution of the test

Today’s test is not very difficult but it could mislead the more distracted. Behind a seemingly simple question hides a pitfall. We sincerely hope you didn’t fall for it! If she had gone this way, don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with you. You just need to practice this kind of logic and reasoning test.

Leclerc 02-04-2022
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Obviously, this test has no scientific validity. It is just a way to entertain our female readers, allowing them to relax for a few minutes before diving back into their work or their daily activities. Many people manage to find a big one benefit through this kind of test because they keep the mind always active.

But let’s get to the test solution: who made a mistake, was deceived by the sequentiality of the text. After the second there is always the first. But this was not the correct answer: if you have just overtaken, passing the second in the standings, it means that you have now taken his position. So you are second in the standingswhile the former is still in front of you.

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