Spalletti plays the charge and throws arrows

It is a river in flood the technician of the Naples Luciano Spalletti on the eve of the match of the thirty-first day of A league against theAtalantascheduled for tomorrow at 15 at Gewiss Stadium Of Bergamo.

Atalanta-Napoli, Spalletti: “Match that looks you in the eye, if you lower your losses”

Spalletti begins the press conference on the eve of the match with an evocative image and then gives lavish praise to Goddessthe opponent of tomorrow, currently fifth in the standings at 12 points from the Neapolitans who are second.

“A lot of those they look you in the eye and whoever lowers his gaze a little during the 95 minutes loses, because it is a team that knows how to maintain the high level of strength and rhythm, of quality, has been built well for years, a play, a feint or a counter-finish will not be enough to win but 95 minutes of doors countering blow by blow “.

“At Atalanta they have to be done only complimentsif we are here it is because we have managed to win many games with the team that is not complete and if we have succeeded before we can do it again, so no problem about absences. If you do not give us any state of emergency we are very happy, we are fine ”.

“I can also use the words of Koulibalywho can make a contribution: he said that from today to the end of the championship we are all Neapolitansso we better perceive the desire to write the path in the last 8 games that remain, even if they are difficult, but the attitude I see in their eyes tells a lot of things and I consider it a correct, right look “.

Italy out of the World Cup, Spalletti: “Right to continue with Mancini”

Inevitable to come back on the elimination of Italy come on Qatar World Cup 2022 by the hand of North Macedonia.

“Italy? Continuing with Mancini is the right choice, it may be that you can make a mistake in a match, but the quality of the game, of the midfield, of many players that he has brought to the national team is under the eyes of all, then it is clear that there are things to improve, as always, we must continually go in search of something new “.

“Are backards as far as stadiums and structures are concerned, certainly, because to work at their best, structures are needed, a country that is well done also depends on the infrastructures that exist, and there we are behind, then there is a cultural problemthe fact of seeking victory at all costs is one thing haunts children from the early years of football school, only the goal matters in the stands, the good game does not become an availability, instead we should let them play to let their qualities come out “.

“A good youth sector is not measured by the tournaments won but by how many players you manage to grow and become at the right level to help national football. There has been talk about the game, but I think that the search for a result must always go through a game built wellthen what it means to be built well in practice becomes a bit subjective “.

Atalanta-Napoli, Spalletti: “If we talked about the match too it would be perfect”

Then Spalletti talks about the possible formation that he will field tomorrow but also throws a dig at The Gazzetta dello Sport on the Osimhen affair and also mentions the capital gains case.

Zanoli has the same characteristics as By Lorenzo, so far he has not played because he has Di Lorenzo in front of him, who is the continuous innovation of the role of the right-back. Zanoli from the second training session a Dimaro with the team I imagined him as a starter in a match against a strong team like Atalanta, it was already clear then “.

“We have Malcuit that we have recovered, we are in a position to cover the role and to have many of the qualities that Di Lorenzo has, perhaps to be completed, because at Di Lorenzo’s level only a few can get there, but Malcuit for some characteristics and Zanoli for those and also for others are in the right place to be a footballer who does not make anyone like Di Lorenzo regret ”.

“As for Osimhen, I would broaden the situation. On the Gazzetta today we dedicate a large space with reference to the first, Covid, Osimhen not appreciated by the locker room, capital gains, Alemao, if you had also talked about the game it would have been perfect. The Napoli fans, however, easily catch up, so tomorrow the club will talk about Osimhen to clarify, even if there is nothing, the director will talk about it in pre-match interviews “.

“Capital gains? There is the club that will clarify everything, I know the number of players that our doctors have reported as Covidfor example, which is a higher number than all the other teams, I know what my club tells me, they will talk about this “.



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