Super realistic leclerc, TV-style shots and pit stops

Released this summer, F1 Manager 2022 promises realism in industrial quantities, as evidenced by the first images and new details.

F1 Manager 2022 immediately aroused a great sensation among fans of Formula 1 and among those of video games. The idea of ​​a sort of Football Manager set in the world of motorsport, in which to play the role of the team principal, has excited fans since the announcement of Frontier Developments. However, unlike the iconic football series, the British studio is aiming for something much more credible and aesthetically ambitious, and extremely close to what you see on Sunday on TV.

Pit stops and TV shots –

As reported in a preview of, the idea of ​​Frontier (known for the Elite series but also for many managerial ones, such as Zoo Tycoon) was to model not only each track for simulation purposes, but even the shots of the real circuits , in order to reproduce exactly the images that we can see at each grand prix on TV and the ones that the teams use from the pitlane. And, speaking of pitlane, the motion capture technique was used to obtain realistic movements of the mechanics during pit stops (the photo below shows them at work), so as to be able to watch tire change sequences or interventions on the car. running true to reality.

Charles Leclerc spectacular –

The level of realism “goes beyond anything we’ve seen so far and includes some really incredible riders’ facial scans,” reads the preview: the faces shown so far include Daniel Ricciardo and Sergio Perez, but the ‘cast’ of heroes behind the wheel will be complete in time for launch. And especially Charles Leclerc, the Ferrari driver currently first in the world ranking, to seem to have come out of a photograph rather than a video game (you can see him in the photo on the cover). Other titles, such as those of Codemasters, have made the faces of the drivers very realistic, but probably the fact that F1 Manager 2022 is born with the PC and next-generation consoles in mind will help to have even more credible reproductions.

F1 Manager 2022

New and old F1 fans –

“We really want to make a game that appeals to both new and older fans,” explained developer Andy Fletcher, showing a shot of Baku above. “We think new fans will find a great management game first and foremost,” and the fact that you can handle it all – from competing ERS to budget allocations to headquarters, should make the idea of ​​the impressive amount of choices available. “A game that brings to life the tense races they enjoy on TV, and perhaps introduces them to some of the deeper aspects of sport as well. Longtime fans will love these deeper elements and appreciate all the authenticity we’ve put into the game. ” F1 Manager 2022 is out this summer for PC via Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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