Svitolina and Tsurenko, the crisis of Ukrainian tennis players

The two-time champion of Rome will miss the national team and some European tournaments. “An unbearable pain for what is happening in my country”. Tsurenko’s appeal

Overwhelmed by pain, physical and mental, Elina Svitolina says stop, at least for a few weeks. The tennis player number 20 in the world rankings has decided to take a break from the circuit due to back problems that have been tormenting her for some time and due to the tragic events of the war that have been disfiguring her homeland for a month now. “They have been two extremely difficult months for me, not only mentally but also physically”, writes on social media Elina, who at the beginning of the season has never managed to go beyond the quarter-finals of an event (at the WTA in Monterrey the best result ).

“For a long time I struggled with my back. The pain did not allow me to better prepare for the tournaments. In the meantime, observing with unbearable pain in my heart what is happening in my homeland, and how courageously the Ukrainian people are defending our country, has given me a great push to continue and fight on the pitch. Now, my body can’t take it anymore. I need to rest”.

No BJK Cup

The 27-year-old tennis player, who left the scene in the first round of both the Miami and Indian Wells tournaments, has announced that she will miss several European appointments and the Billie Jean King Cup which will see the Ukraine national team involved in the qualifying phases against the United States on 15 and 16 April. 10% of the proceeds from the US-Ukraine match will be donated to the “Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund”, Save the Children’s fund to help children affected by war. “I’m sorry to announce that I will miss the Fed Cup and some of my favorite tournaments in Europe. But I’m sure we’ll see you around soon! Thank you all for your support in this difficult period ”, concluded Svitolina.

Lost Tsurenko

There is nowhere to go Lesia Tsurenko, # 135 WTA resident in Kiev who today, after being eliminated on her debut in the tournament in Marbella, shared with her fans the saddest of the updates. “After spending the worst month of my life, between constant headaches, panic attacks and guilt for the war in Ukraine, I face a new challenge”, writes the tennis player on the 34th day of the conflict. “As a player based in Kiev, I have nowhere to go. Now every Ukrainian has his own nightmare story … Where should I go? ”.


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