MotoGP, the chronicle of the 2022 Spanish Grand Prix in the Moto2 class

FIRST VICTORY The Spanish Grand Prix of the Moto2 class is a monologue by Ai Ogurathe Japanese of the Honda Asia team who remains in command from the first to the last lap, taking with him Aron Canet – less than a week after the disastrous fall of Portimao – e Tony Arbolino. For Ogura … Read more

MotoGP, the chronicle of the 2022 Spanish Grand Prix in the Moto3 class

IBERIAN TRIPLE It was from Valencia 2013 that no Italian had reached the top ten in a Moto3 race, it happened in a Spanish Grand Prix where the Iberians deservedly dominated. Victory went to Izan Guevara, who with a spectacular overtaking at the last corner got the better of his team-mate Aspar, Sergio Garcia (on … Read more

MotoGP 2022. The Jerez GP report cards – MotoGP

Praise for a superlative Bagnaia, great performances also for Quartararo, Espargaro and Marquez. But also many shortcomings … May 2, 2022 is Bagnaia, grade 10 and praise The perfect weekend. A terrifying pole position (“We need to understand where he cut”, said his opponents), an impeccable start, a control of the race without any … Read more

MotoGP 2022. Is starting in front of Jerez essential, and what about Le Mans? – MotoGP

In the last 10 years on the Spanish track the author of the pole has won 6 times, reaffirming a concept already expressed by the riders: in Jerez it is essential to start from the front because overtaking is difficult. On the French track the situation, from 2013 to 2021, is a bit different May … Read more

MotoGP, Jerez GP: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Jerez full again, with people, bikes, passion, emotions, speed. A return to normality in the stands and also on the track, at least for Bagnaia. The Ducati rider remembers who he is and also remembers it to Quartararo, who hadn’t forgotten it. Aprilia loses the concessions, Honda would like to get them back but is … Read more

MotoGP, Zarco the best in the Jerez tests ahead of Binder and Quartararo

Test concluded in Jerez. The best time remained in the hands of Joahnn Zarco, however far from the performance of the pole of Bagnaia in 1.36.170. However, it is useless to make comparisons since today the temperature was lower than last Saturday but with enough wind that disturbed the riders. 17.30 – Last half hour … Read more

MotoGP 2022. Spanish GP in Jerez, Ideas, questions and considerations after the race – MotoGP

The keys to the GP, the comparison between teammates, the most significant phrases. Zam’s analysis when the grand prix has just finished May 1, 2022 What were the keys to the GP? The departure of Bagnaia. Being able to start in first position and keep it for the first few laps was decisive for her … Read more

MotoGP 2022. Spanish GP in Jerez, Andrea Dovizioso: “Valentino Rossi was right” – MotoGP

The Yamaha rider underlines how the problems are the same that have slowed down Valentino in recent years: “The lack of grip makes the M1 extreme: only very few riders manage to ride it. This bike can only be ridden in one way: if you can’t, the difference becomes enormous ” May 1, 2022 Jerez … Read more

MotoGP 2022. Spanish GP in Jerez, Marc Marquez: “I haven’t made a rescue like this for two years” [VIDEO] – MotoGP

At the last corner of lap 21 Marc was practically on the ground, but with an old-fashioned maneuver he remained in the saddle: “I did it because he was on the left and the… public gave me a hand. This is now my level, the title is played by Quartararo / Bagnaia ” May 1, … Read more