MotoGP, the chronicle of the 2022 Portuguese Grand Prix in the Moto2 class

LUCKY ROBERTS AND VIETTI! A Portuguese Grand Prix that will remain in history that of the Moto2 class. Following a maxi accident in the middle of the race due to a shower of rain, ten riders fell (fortunately all unharmed) and were not readmitted to participate in the race because they were unable to return … Read more

MotoGP, times and where to see the GP Portimao (Portugal) 2022 on TV

MotoGP returns to Europe: from Thursday 21 Aprillive on Sky is streaming on NOWappointment with Portuguese Grand Prixwith the top class race scheduled Sunday 24 April at 2 pm up Sky Sport MotoGP And Sky Sport One, told by Guido Meda And Mauro Sanchiniwith the forays of the insider Mattia Pasini. Programming deepening MotoGP on … Read more

MotoGP, the chronicle of the 2022 Portuguese Grand Prix in the Moto3 class

HURRICANE GARCIA! The Portuguese Grand Prix of the Moto3 class rewards the Iberian riders over the Italians with whom the important positions in the standings are being played. The winner was Sergio Garcia, at the end of a masterful competition for intelligence and strategy. On the last lap, the Iberian of the GasGas team launched … Read more

MotoGP 2022. The Portuguese GP from 0 to 10 – MotoGP

Numbers and statistics to retrace what happened in Portimao in the GP of Portugal, not only on the track and not only in MotoGP April 26, 2022 D.ucati: first in the constructors’ championship, but …Ducati is clearly first in the constructors’ championship with 106 points, against 70 for KTM and Suzuki, second in the standings. … Read more

MotoGP, Mir: ”Jack’s mistake? Things that happen, the important thing is that they don’t recap “

by Mattia Caimi Starting from second position, Joan had all the credentials to make a good performance today, but the series of misadventures with Miller saw a new episode. The Australian pulled the Suzuki rider down as he tried to overtake him to take third place, ending the race for both of them. Last year … Read more

MotoGP 2022. The report cards of the GP of Portugal in Portimao – MotoGP

The highest marks obviously go to the podium, Ducati and Suzuki. So many shortcomings, let’s see which ones and why … April 25, 2022 Fabio Quartararo: 10 F.a crazy difference, like Valentino Rossi did with the first Yamaha, Casey Stoner with Ducati, Marc Marquez with Honda. In short, as only the very best can do. … Read more

MotoGP 2022. GP of Portugal, Pecco Bagnaia: “Nice to have found the sensations of 2021” – MotoGP

Starting last, with a bad shoulder, Pecco made a good comeback up to the eighth position: “It was the goal I set for myself: that’s why I can be satisfied, even if I’m not happy with my result. But today with the Ducati I felt really good ” April 24, 2022 P.ortimao – Considering where … Read more

MotoGP, Zarco: “two Frenchmen on the podium, it’s nice to share it with a friend”

The French Johann Zarcowho had set the best time yesterday, also taking pole, he conquered the second step of the podium on the Portuguese circuit, behind an impregnable Quartararo who today imposed his race pace from the first laps. A difficult podium, aided indirectly by the risky overtaking of Miller which caused the exit from … Read more

MotoGP 2022. GP of Portugal, in Moto2 Joe Roberts wins the second race after the mega-crash [VIDEO] – MotoGP

The first race was interrupted due to an accident caused by the rain and which involved a dozen riders, a lot of fear but no serious injuries. Corsi’s motorcycle is on fire. In the second race, of only 7 laps, an excellent second place for Celestino Vietti who consolidates the leadership of the championship April … Read more