Taranto imprecise and indecisive: with Juve Stabia it is a 0-0 draw. Challenge from the stands

Indecisive, imprecise, in small steps. Taranto ran aground in a goalless draw against Juve Stabia, inaugurating the calendar of April, the month that represents the peak of the regular season, in an atmosphere permeated by contestation and disappointment. No gear changes, no swerves, but the usual script for the rossoblu, returning from the heavy defeat in Palermo in the recovery match held last Wednesday: the appointment with the first success of the calendar year is still postponed, the distance from the play out area it is fleeting, albeit comforted by the expectation of the two games inherited from as many weeks of forced break due to the infections from Covid spreading in the ionic ranks themselves, but they continue to worry about the offensive sterility, the difficulty in the choral construction of decisive actions, the apprehension and the often superficial and hasty expression denounced in the development of the maneuver.

Without the injured Marsili in midfield and the disqualified Benassai in defense, Giuseppe Laterza is forced to renounce Civilleri too for the starting structure and, as hypothesized on the eve, opts for a neuralgic axis, in turn unprecedented, composed of Labriola and Di Gennaro, who opens up to the triptych of attacking midfielders entrusted to the recovered Versienti and the advanced De Maria, respectively on the right and left outside, in custody of central Giovinco, behind Saraniti the only offensive terminal in the role. The choice of the 4-2-3-1 module is completed by Riccardi employed for the umpteenth time in the role of right-back, by the restoration of the young Granata in the heart of the rearguard alongside Zullo, by Ferrara for the position of low winger left handed. In the presence of the hosts, a relaxed and orderly Juve Stabia operates by his coach, the expert Walter Novellino, according to a tactical scheme voted to 3-5-2, organized, not insidious but punctual in the containment phase. The first ring of a substantially tepid dispute is the prerogative of the guests from Campania, who try to sting with Stoppa, the protagonist of a personal idea: he focuses, escapes in a diagonal trajectory towards the left-handed portion of the area and ends on the bottom at 8 ‘. Two minutes later it is Taranto who packs in depth: Di Gennaro opens the restart and offers, from long distance, the ball to Versienti who, on the right sector, serves a short diagonal to Giovinco who, near the first post, peels and is anticipated by the stabiese goalkeeper Dini. The rossoblu playmaker himself tries it in sequence: in the quarter of an hour, the low shot from the middle of the pitch is central and saved; at 19 ‘the straight volley, directly from a free kick taken from the left edge of the area, is smanacciato by Dini.

The possibilities of dialogue and research of pragmatism are scarce in clarity and conviction on the part of Taranto, however: slowness and inertia often characterize the evolution of the race, which implies imperfect contrasts and initiatives evaporated back to the door. However, the Rossoblu combination in the 29th minute is interesting: Di Gennaro triggers De Maria from the rear, whose foray on the left wing is neutralized in a corner by the adventurous intervention of Cinaglia, who covers the view to Saraniti lurking, risking his own goal; on the dynamics from the flag, Labriola recovers, coordinates but sends high over the crossbar. At 45 ‘it is Giovinco who suggests a bank for Di Gennaro, whose right-footed shot goes off a little to the side. At the start of the second half, on the fifth turn of the hands, Taranto fears of destabilizing on a sequence of corner kicks: Della Pietra collects diagonally short from the left, but Chiorra protects directly on his feet. After an unrealistic volley by Labriola at 13 ‘, Laterza inserts Santarpia for Versienti and reverses the interpreters on the outside, diverting De Maria to the right lane. The latter performs a central throw from the edge, but Dini blocks at fifteen minutes. At 21 ‘Santarpia is instead to advance and unload an oversized left-handed. The Ionic technician trusts in Pacilli and Manneh’s intuition for an offensive battery that struggles to produce suggestions for the Saraniti block. No metamorphosis in the epilogue: the header of Granata, propitiated by a free kick by Labriola and blocked by Dini at the end of the day, represents the extreme and timid opportunity for a Taranto engulfed by choruses of disapproval. There is no time to complain: the Ionian team will take the field again next Wednesday, always within the friendly walls of the “Iacovone”, to face the quoted Monopoli, in the recovery match valid for the 14th return match.

Alessandra Carpino

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