Tennis, from Zverev to Booksby, rackets fly

After the Acapulco episode that saw the German protagonist, there was no shortage of dangerous gestures in Miami and Indian Wells. Is this becoming a problem? And Roddick jokes: “Launch it like this”

“Tennis players, I want to teach you to throw the racket when you are angry.” The author of the tutorial is an insightful Andy Roddick, who gets straight to the point. “It’s like this: flat with the face down. That way it doesn’t go anywhere and it doesn’t affect anyone. If, on the other hand, you hit a ball, aim upwards and not downwards ”.

The ironic intervention on the social networks of the former number 1 in the world – the last before the domination of Roger Federer and the era of the Fab Four – gives an idea of ​​how urgent the issue is becoming to be addressed. From Zverev to Thompson, from Kyrgios to Brooksby: in recent weeks, too often the racket has been used as a blunt object. Is there a rampant nervousness among tennis players or are the penalties too light?

In the beginning it was Sascha

Racquet outbursts are nothing new. The nerves of a tennis player are always at the limit and it could not be otherwise, the racket is an extension of the body and it is easy to unload some tension on it. But since Sasha Zverev hit the chair judge’s facility in Acapulco after a doubles match (paired with Marcelo Melo against Glasspool and Heliövaara) the episodes have increased to the limit. The German, after being expelled from the tournament, was punished with eight weeks of disqualification and a $ 25,000 fine, but the penalty was suspended: at number 3 in the world it will be enough to respect the rules in the next year to make everyone forget everything. Someone spoke of disqualification-farce and the impression is that several colleagues have reasoned in this way: “If the consequences are these, the tolerance is maximum”.

How many episodes

Unconscious thought, but which now seems widespread in the circuit. In Indian Wells, after the defeat in three sets against Rafael Nadal, Nick Kyrgios threw his racket to the ground with all his strength: ball boy nearly. The Australian then played down the incident and got a $ 25,000 fine. Jenson Brooksby fared slightly better: 15 thousand euros for throwing the racket towards the ball boy in the match against Federico Coria in Miami. Jordan Thompson, on the other hand, took it out with a ball: a burst of anger and a violent blow upwards (as Roddick recommends, obviously not enough) a few centimeters from a frightened ball boy. Andy’s tutorial plays down, but at the same time isolates the problem and raises the debate: would we need a tougher intervention, so as to prevent these episodes from becoming the order of the day? In the meantime, make a note of the tips: the racket should not be thrown with the tip, but with the face down. If Roddick says it, it’s best to listen to him.


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