Ternana-Lecce 1-4, the report cards: Krapikas a disaster. Hjulmand is everywhere

Final result: Ternana-Lecce 1-4


Krapikas 4.5 – He is put in by Coda after just five minutes from kick-off: he can and must reject that ball, given that the conclusion of Baroni’s number nine is anything but irresistible. Not happy, shortly after he is also surprised by Strefezza, who overtakes him from a distance.

Ghiringhelli 5.5 – In the first fraction Di Mariano and Gargiulo often try to put him in the middle, but he doesn’t give up on offending, breaking through on the right on more than one occasion. However, as the minutes go by, Di Mariano takes advantage of it and thus signs the trio.

Sorensen 5.5 – Try to make yourself heard with Coda, who in any case suffers from his aggression for good parts of the match. However, he has some responsibility for the first goal of the Wolves, signed by Baroni’s number nine. From 75 ‘Boben sv

Bogdan 6 – Like Sorensen on the other hand, after just five minutes he loses sight of Coda, who enjoys too much freedom and thus puts Krapikas on. Then he redeems himself with a nice header that brings the Fere back into the game.

Celli 5.5 – Purposeful on the left, especially in the first part of the game. Not perfect in the defensive phase also because he has to duel with an uncomfortable client like Strefezza. From 68 ‘ Hammer 5.5 – On that side he too suffers from the outbursts of the yellow and red number twenty-seven.

Koutsoupias 5 – Too hidden, he fails to give the right change of gear to the red-green midfield. From 75 ‘Furlan sv

Project 5.5 – Play without overdoing it, giving order to Lucarelli’s maneuver. But light on Strefezza who bypasses him too easily and thus signs the doubling from distance.

Palumbo 6 – La Ternana collects two goals in twenty minutes and then puts the team on her shoulders. His assist from a corner for Bogdan’s winning shot.

Parts 6 – Together with Palumbo, he is the best of his. He floats between the lines and always invents something for his teammates. He comes close to scoring on two occasions, but a super Bleve denies him personal joy. From 80 ‘Peralta sv

Combs 6 – Various for the whole offensive front and wages war with Dermaku and Lucioni. Also good at communicating with Partipilo.

Donnarumma 5 – We saw very little this evening: much less involved than Pettinari. From 68 ‘ Mazzocchi 5.5 – He enters and gives greater weight to the attack of the Fere, but never worries the rearguard of Baroni.

Cristiano Lucarelli 5.5 – His Ternana plays with personality, without particular awe. The final collapse, however, is unjustifiable. She will surely have to work a lot more on the heads of her boys.


Bleve 6.5 – Definitely not perfect on Bogdan’s goal. He then performs a real miracle on Partipilo’s close header.

Gendrey 5.5 – Celli on that side creates more of a headache for him: he comes out shortly after the hour of play after an opaque performance. From 66 ‘ Calabresi 6 – More orderly and disciplined than the French companion.

Lucioni 6.5 – He relies on his own experience and completely obscures Donnarumma, who never manages to scratch.

Dermaku 6 – Prove yours enough. Too bad for the mistake committed on the goal of the Fere: on the corner of Palumbo, in fact, Bogdan lets go, giving hope to the red and green.

Rooster 6.5 – Good at both stages. The sliding intervention on Pettinari’s sure shot conclusion is simply amazing.

Blin 6 – As Gargiulo always tries to accompany the action, thus supporting the comrades of the advanced department. From 66 ‘ Helgason 6 – Orderly, it does not make you regret the replaced mate.

Hjulmand 7.5 – Without a doubt the best in the field. He is practically everywhere: he fences the defensive line behind him and does not renounce to unhook himself forward by pressing everything and everyone.

Gargiulo 6.5 – He talks with Di Mariano and with his insertions he offers various solutions to the offensive trio. From 66 ‘ Bjorkengren 6 – It gives balance to the Giallorossi maneuver.

Fatigue 7 – A goal from distance and an assist for Di Mariano’s trio: all in a match in which he does everything to give the Umbrian rearguard a headache. From 82 ‘ Ragusa 6.5 – Enter and drop the poker that permanently closes the accounts: what an impact on the match.

Tail 7 – It takes only five minutes to put your name on the scoresheet: it is of course a constant reference for his teammates.

By Mariano 7 – His game of great sacrifice. In the second half he crowns his performance with a fantastic conclusion that gives no escape to poor Krapikas. From 86 ‘Farag√≤ sv

Marco Baroni 7 – His Lecce knows how to interpret the various moments of a match. Tonight his boys, with cynicism and a lot of sacrifice, have conquered three fundamental points in a field that is never easy to conquer.


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