Terruzzi’s thrilling monologue at Le Iene

The Formula 1 World Championship began with the return of Ferrari and confirmation of the Red Bull. All in the sign of the two of them, Max Verstappen And Charles Leclerc that if they are given for good reason on the track is in Bahrain that in Saudi Arabia sharing the victory in these first two races of the 2022 World Cup. He wanted to dedicate a thrilling monologue to them as usual Giorgio Terruzzi intervened yesterday during the episode of Hyenas on Italy 1.

Terruzzi at Le Iene: “F1 and the resurrection of Ferrari”

The monologues during the broadcast of Hyenas have now become an unmissable appointment. The guests who follow one another leave their mark by expressing a thought about themselves, on a burning topical issue. Yesterday it was also the turn of the former Italian national team, Giampiero Ventura. Another sporting theme touched upon concerned, for the first time in the broadcast of Italia 1, the Formula 1. The journalist and writer took the stage for the “stand up” Giorgio Terruzzi great F1 expert. His monologue was a praise of the “resurrection of Ferrari“And the new challenge between Leclerc And Verstappen for the World Cup.

Giorgio Terruzzi’s monologue at Le Iene

Terrible joys with high satisfaction. Formula 1. Cars and men. Stories. That of Ferrari which rises in an instant, revives an ancient passion. Years of lean, hard work can pass. But emotion has a dominant color: enamel red, blood red, bright red. Thanks to technicians who dared under enormous pressure. Thanks to the old man Enzo Ferrari who designed his dream giving us many dreams and still his vision at the dawn of the twentieth century to keep the Ferrari flag high like tradition, a pride, a precious heritage, speed, nothing more modern.

Not only. Two guys different in ways in style identical in talent and ferocity: Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen in a promised antagonism that threatens to corner Lewis Hamilton, therefore, a change of generation not completely resolved. Because Hamilton has the anger and the desire to keep another dream on the track, his one, destroyed in one lap, the last of the last championship in what he considers a conspiracy.

Leclercthe little boy that every mom would like to adopt is a devil disguised as a fatherless angel as he fights against the son of a failed champion, Verstappen while he has at his side the son of an accomplished champion, Sainz. More alone, therefore fortified by a suffering that somehow shines through, imperfect romantic hero. The history of Formula 1 is made by cars but the luck of Formula 1 depends on the champions, people, men on the verge of disaster, exposed, gifted, distant. Yet suddenly mysteriously similar to each of us.

Who is Giorgio Terruzzi

Giorgio Luca Maria Terruzzi was born in Milan on 3 August 1958. Graduated in Disciplines of the arts, music and entertainment at the University of Bologna. He is above all a journalist and writer. A great expert in Formula 1, he worked for years in the engine editorial department of Mediaset until he became deputy director of Sport Mediaseteditor-in-chief of Matrixdirect broadcasting from Enrico Mentana, and contributor to numerous sports magazines. Its format is the F1 report cards, semi-serious analysis of the World Championship races. With the book Suite 200 – Ayrton Senna’s last night won the Bancarella Sport 2014 award and the CONI Special Award – Memo Geremia.



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