Tevez and that visit to Juventus that makes the fans dream

In the career of Carlos Tevez, 479 appearances and 209 goals between Boca Juniors, Corinthians, West Han, Manchester United and City and Juventus, the two years with Juventus were, numerically speaking, a small slice of his football life. From 2013 to 2015 the Apache added 66 appearances (13%) scoring 39 goals (18%), winning two league titles and touching the Champions League final in Berlin with Barcelona. Yet in the heart of every Juventus fan, the number ten most loved jersey of recent years is the one worn by the Argentine striker, a rebellious character and a difficult life to which he was able to respond with his specialty: goals.

Just ask the fans of the Old Lady which is the most loved footballer of recent seasons: despite having dressed the black and white ninety calibers like Higuain, Ronaldo, Pogba and Dybala, their eyes will light up when they think of the Argentine’s face, his goals with Conte and Allegri on the bench, to quarrels and head shots. But also to the magnificent goals, the plays for his teammates, the determination and the love returned by Tevez: because class and talent are not synonymous with passion without the attachment to the shirt. Values ‚Äč‚Äčthat the Apache embodied in her two-year love story, which actually lasted a lifetime.

The return home

For once, the Italian derby with Inter took a back seat: on Sunday evening at the Allianz Stadium the passion of Juventus fans was all directed towards Carlos Tevez, who returned to Turin seven years after wearing the black and white shirt for the ‘last time. Not only that, because the presence of the Apache began with a visit to the Allianz Stadium and continued by entering the Juve world. Who went into fibrillation, from the fans to the management, for the return of Carlitos, welcomed by Max Allegri before the press conference (“He was truly a champion, I trained many and when I find them I always get excited”) so in the belly of the JTC: “Bomber!” it was the prelude to the long hug between the coach and Tevez, who joked about the coach’s hair. “My hair compared to 7 years ago? Finished. If you care about yours, don’t be a coach” was Allegri’s reply, which however does not change the Argentine’s future prospects. A hug that effectively closed the last match-clash between the two, when in the Champions League semifinal, after a conservative change, Tevez gave the coach a “cagon”: the rumors about the compromised relationship between the two multiplied, swept away by the affection shown by both of them in reuniting after seven years.

Allegri thinks about the new Juve: Zaniolo with Vlahovic and Chiesa to win again

by Emanuele Gamba

The future

In a society where ex-players play leading roles, from Nedved (“You can still play” joked the Czech underlining the enviable form of Tevez) to Storari, it was an old black and white glory, Simone Padoin, who unveiled the future ambitions of the Argentine: “I give a hand to Allegri but I heard that you too want to be a coach, right?”. The Argentine’s approach was that of a seasoned technician, greeting Chiellini and Bonucci as one does with the columns of a locker room (“Here is the president and the vice president” he joked) and also meeting Vlahovic and Dybala. The latter inherited the shirt from Pogba who in turn received it after Tevez’s farewell, three “tens” who left (or will leave) Juventus after having had the opportunity to wear the shirt that belonged to, among the others, to Platini and Del Piero. The future of the Apache is still to be built but it is unlikely that it will begin by dressing the black and white: however he seemed at ease, as if time had never passed, when he wore the club’s official jacket to attend the Primavera match against. Verona in Vinovo together with Nedved, Cherubini and Storari. A homecoming that could have future implications: today Juventus could offer Tevez the bench of a youth team or, alternatively, a managerial role. One day, with his coaching career already underway, Carlitos’ return home could be the definitive one.


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