The Barbetta group new member of US Lecce: surprise presentation

LECCE – The Barbetta family, engaged in the textile and metallurgical sector, enters the US Lecce shareholding structure with approximately 10 percent of the shares. The details of the agreement, ratified on the eve of Lecce-Frosinone, were announced during a press conference in the Via del Mare press room. The agreement will be formalized in front of the Mancuso notary by the end of the championship.

“We have always wanted the expansion of the corporate base to be done with rigorous criteria, with companies that operate in our territory with ethics and respect – – said the club president, Saverio Sticchi Damiani -. We have had several interlocutions also with other subjects in this period but the perfect identikit is what Luciano represents. That’s why we are sure we have added another precious piece to our Giallorossi family. For us old partners it is not a speculative operation: each of us has given up 10 percent of his package. Therefore, we will not receive a consideration, but with a due diligence on the value of the company a share has been established that the new shareholder pays as a loan. I would like to say that Lecce goes in the opposite direction to what happens in Italy, especially in Serie B, where there are more and more foreign funds and groups that do not have a face. Luciano joins a group of local professionals and entrepreneurs who are passionate about the territory and Lecce. René De Picciotto is also in fact a Salento, he lives for most of the year here. We can do the same for our sponsors, Links, Deghi, Banca Popolare Pugliese, Isolbit: we have followed the same policy ”.

Naturally, with Barbetta’s entry, the club’s balance sheet benefits immediately. In fact, in the last two years, the consequences of the Covid epidemic, which added to a very expensive amount of wages, have made themselves felt heavily and the critical issues, as Sticchi Damiani recalled, “must not be hidden under the carpet, but they must be resolved immediately. Living with the liabilities is not in the mindset of the club ”. The company, by embarking on a process of capitalization and budget containment, has managed to parry the blows and its value is now close to 30 million euros.

Luciano Barbetta explained the meaning of the commitment made: “We are very sensitive to the social function of football, which Corrado (Liguori, ed) told us about, and to the sharing of projects. In Salento Lecce has an incredible following and it is a point Our group has never aimed at profit maximization, but at quality profit. We think that entrepreneurs should not be considered the owners of the company but the managers, the custodians and that their task is to deliver the company in the best possible state of health to future generations. This is why we are evaluating the possibility of handing over our company to organizational forms, of which we could be part, to guarantee certain prospects for the activities and the entire territory. “The new shareholder has then he also wanted to call into question Pantaleo Corvino, the manager of the technical area: “His presence was very important for our decision. It is a guarantee of quality in the choice of players to ensure a rosy future for the club. Our group has never had shares in sports teams, it has always acted as a sponsor. I am quite disappointed with the results of my country’s team (Nardò, ed), so I asked Lecce to intensify the collaboration ”.

Through the Next brand (metallurgy), the Barbetta group sponsors the Nardò football team, which is involved in Serie D, and the Andrea Pasca Nardò basketball team, which plays in Serie A2. Overall, there are approximately 250 direct employees, three times as many as those of the various company branches that work exclusively.

The interlocution by the club in via Costadura with the Barbetta family was handled by Corrado Liguori: “I am very attached to Luciano and his children, Cesare and Gaia who are here, as well as to Adele who was unable to come – he commented the vice president -. The first time we talked about it about a year and a half ago. In all this time we have tried to share values: it was not easy to make new grafts but we have found a partner of great quality, with our same requirements of passion for the territory and for the shirt. The president spoke of ethics and respect, I add quality because the Barbetta companies were born in 1973 and therefore next year they will turn half a century: Luciano’s foresight and now that of his children has always been to focus on quality. I count at least 30 companies in their group, allowing over a thousand families to take home their salaries “. Shareholders Salvatore, Silvia and Dario Carofalo also attended the conference.


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