The big players in the Open tournament pre-qualifying Bnl d’Italia valid as 44th edition of the Absolute Tuscan Championships

Walter Trusendi in the photo

The sun arrives at the Florence Match Ball and the big names of the Bnl d’Italia pre-qualification Open tournament, valid as the 44th Absolute Tuscan Championship, enter the field. Also to be followed is the doubles tournament that will give a pass to both male and female winning couples for the Foro Italico. The finals of the national kermesse, admission free, are scheduled for Sunday 10 April at the Bagno a Ripoli club.

The favorite in the men is the standard bearer of the Bagno a Ripoli club Daniele Capecchi who is in the upper part of the scoreboard and in case of victory he will presumably meet Federico Marchetti 2.3 in the second round. Riccardo Mascarini (8) 2.2 Canottieri Ticino Pavia in his theoretical eighth crosses Daniele Minighini 2.2, Michele Vianello (4) 2.2 Ct Zavaglia would have Leonardo Rossi 2.3 while Gregorio Lulli 2.2 Libertas Sport Livorno must ask Francesco Liucci 2.3. In the lower part of the seeding the second favorite is the winner of the 2021 edition Andrea Picchione (Ct L’Aquila) but the athlete trained by Giorgio Galimberti will have to pay attention to Augusto Virgili 2.3 grandson of Pecos Bill first and then who comes out as winner between Manuel Mazza (7) 2.2 Tennis Viserba and Gabriele Volpi 2.3. To keep an eye on the Tuscan Walter Trusendi (3) 2.2 Tc Italia who on his way should find Alessandro Spadola 2.3 first and the winner between Alessandro Ceppellini (6) 2.2 Park Tennis Genova and Samuele Pieri 2.3 Tc Bisenzio, subsequently. “The Tuscan championships, now pre-qualifying Open, are very popular in our region and above all they give the players a great chance to win a place at the Foro Italico – explains Trusendi – I will try to be at my best to reach this qualification. For me it would be a great satisfaction ”

In the women’s draw the number one seed is the home player Diletta Cherubini (2.1 of the Match Ball Firenze) who first finds the under 16 Anastasia Bertacchi (8) of Tc Italia on her side and then who comes out of the probable quarter-final between Claudia Giovine 2.2 cousin of Flavia Pennetta (Tc Italy) and Linda Salvi (Tc Sinalunga). In the lower part, the second favorite is the under 16 Italian champion of 2021 Viola Turini (Tc Prato) who on her way should first find Giada Rossi (7, Tc Pistoia) and then the third seed Sofia Rocchetti (Tolentino) as Matilde Mariani (6) Coach Giotto Arezzo had to forfeit due to an injury. “In Florence I always played well last year I managed to win the league title and now I’m aiming to qualify for the appointment everyone dreams of – says Turini – to play at the Foro Italico. I’ll do my best to get to Rome “.
Also noteworthy are the two doubles tournaments with the men’s event that will qualify a couple and the first four are certainly of the highest level with the first favorites the duo Manuel Mazza and Andrea Picchione but the couple number two composed of Daniele Bracciali and Luca Vanni will certainly apply to the pass. Watch out also for Gobbi-Mascarini and the other Tuscan duo that sees Capecchi together with Fanucci. In the women’s category Viola Turini together with Linda Salvi are the favorites over Diletta Cherubini and Matilde Gori.
The tournament director is fabio Bianchini while the titular referee is Adriano Spataffi assisted by Paolo Lapini, Roberto Falteri and Daniele Turco


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