the costs of the Jeddah bang and the pressure of Magnussen

Once the fear has passed, it’s time to do the math at home Haas. The bang of Mick Schumacher in the Q2 of qualifying Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia to Jeddah is behind us as well as the fear of not having instantly received the reassurances neither via radio nor with the images from the German pilot son of the great Michael. Now that everything is behind us we begin to talk about the effects, precisely the costs in terms of repairs for the American team, and the causes that led to the error the pupil of the Ferrari Driver Academy and on this some former driver, including the uncle Ralf Schumachercasts some shadow.

Mick Schumacher, the bang and the fright in Jeddah

The accident involving Mick Schumacher was really bad during Q2 of the Saudi Arabian GP in Jeddah last Saturday. Heavy impact with the wall between turns 11 and 12. Michael’s son with his Haas crashed into the barriers while he was traveling at over 250km / h. On the way out, he got on the curb which blew up his VF-22 making him lose control out of the corner and crashing into the wall. After a few moments of apprehension, with Schumi jr left in the car motionless, in radio silence most likely due to a breakdown due to the impact, the intervention of the medical car gave a sigh of relief and it was the same team that give notice that the pilot was conscious.

Mick Schumacher was first flown to the circuit medical center at the hospital by helicopter. Despite the good condition of the German, Haas announced in the evening that Mick Schumacher would not race in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Late in the evening Schumi’s son then posted a selfie on his social media reassuring everyone: “Hello everyone, I just wanted to say that I’m fine Thanks for the kind messages. We will come back stronger ”.

How much is Schumacher’s bang in Jeddah

Mick Schumacher’s ok conditions they made everyone breathe a sigh of relief. But now it’s time for Haas to go to the coachbuilder and do the bills needed to repair the German’s car. He thought about making an estimate in a statement issued to the newspaper RaceFansthe team principal Gunther Steiner:

The frame does not appear to have broken. According to what Ferrari told me, the engine also looks ok along with the battery. But everything else is damaged. But I think the repair costs will be quite high: suspension, gearbox, entire bodywork and radiator ducts are destroyed. An estimate? Let’s go towards the million dollars

Schumacher under pressure, the former pilot raises the alarm

Time to analyze also the causes that led to the error Mick Schumacher. In analyzing the error there are those who have pointed out how, unlike last season with the less talented Mazepin alongside, this year Mick found himself a Kevin Magnussen unexpectedly polished despite the two-year absence from the circus. The driver called to replace the Russian on foot by the Russia-Ukraine war, immediately proved fast, scoring points both in Baharain, with a surprising 5th place, and repeating himself in Jeddah, 9th.

A lot of pressure for Schumacher. Indeed, the former F1 driver is convinced of this, Christian Danner than during AvD Motor & Sport Magazin he said: “The crash is also the result of the pressure his new teammate is putting on him. Now the level is much higher. However, it’s nice to see how Schumacher accepted the challenge ”.

Ralf Schumacher: “Mick still has a lot to learn”

Uncle of Mick, Ralf Schumacheragrees that the young grandson needs to “Learn from Magnussen how to push to the limit and even beyond – the words spoken a Sky Deutschland taken from – What is clear is that Magnussen it’s a different challenge than Mazepin. But it’s only his second year in Formula 1, so he’s still learning a lot. The accident? A pilot is used to putting everything behind him “.



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