“The derby left scoria, I was ashamed in Formello”


© photo by Matteo Gribaudi / Image Sport

Maurizio Sarri commented the victory on Sassuolo to Dazn’s microphones. These are the words of the technician of the Lazio: “Going on the pitch with this attitude was a hope. There is little that is obligatory. We reacted well and it wasn’t easy. The derby was left on us, it left us heavy and on a personal level very heavy dross. It was not obvious to play this guy. The risk was to play a sad game. We played a great match against a strong team that put many big players in difficulty. ”

Is Milinkovic one of the strongest in the world? “He can become so because he is a boy with room for improvement. Above all at the level of continuity. He can do what he did today even more consistently.”

Slag from the derby? “From the moral point of view. It’s not that we lost, we didn’t play it. I arrived in Formello and I was ashamed of the people of Lazio and the insiders who are Lazio at heart. Not for the defeat but for how it is arrived”.

Defensive phase? “Sassuolo came from 8 goals in two games. It has exceptional potential and we have not conceded that much. He could have finished 5-1 easily. We cannot complain about the defensive attitude today “.

Worried property in front of the door? “I saw him like you. He missed two goals that usually he doesn’t miss. When he came to play with the team I saw him better than before. From a forward like him who always scores you don’t expect two mistakes like that, but when he came to play I didn’t see him worried, but serene “.

Where to improve? “We are building because the team expresses itself at high levels like today. We have to work on the blackouts we have, luckily now a little more rarely. They have not disappeared, you see the derby. You have to work on creating a different mentality. From the point of view. technical and tactical we do it “.

Worried about market rumors? “We will go deeper with the president. At the moment they don’t worry me. Let’s stay focused on these seven games. There will be time and way to think about the future. If we think about it now we risk having a poor ending.”

The technician then spoke to the microphones of Lazio Style Radio: “Yesterday I said what I thought I was strongly angry with the players and with myself because the day before the derby I realized that the emotional charge of the team was not that of the derby and probably I had to intervene even by doing something of crowds to make them react. Instead my intervention did not have the due effect. Today there was a reaction that was not easy because the scoria of the derby were there, I felt it too and the reaction was of high level, when the team plays with this mental participation it reaches high levels. I am relieved by the fact that it was not taken for granted to react like this because the game remained on us then one gets pissed because if we had found continuity what ranking would we have had. Lazio are doing pretty well in my opinion too, we have peaks at the top that are of a considerable level unfortunately also someone at the bottom of an unacceptable level. this. I hope that the guys go on until the end despite the fact that there are players who are expiring or that at the end of the year they could leave because they have requests but I think they will keep going until the end. It must not happen that we lose by not playing. Today we played against a team that scored eight goals in the last two games, won with Juventus, Milan and Inter and in my opinion is one of the strongest teams in Italy and we didn’t have them for 80 minutes. put under, we overwhelmed them. When we are these we are of the highest level. Now we have to work on the fact that we don’t have to blackout. Sassuolo? Yes, we were good at never letting them take the field because their two center-backs are good at setting up and finding their players between the lines. Keeping the ball covered for them was important for us, they did it well and with great continuity. It is clear that it is a job in which there is availability but if done well then it avoids you many backwards runs, perhaps longer. Genoa? The classic match like the one we found in Cagliari came from a series of positive results and Genoa the same, it is the same level of aggression, indeed perhaps greater than that of Genoa. It is a game that if we go soft we will probably be overwhelmed. We have to go in with a big head because it will be difficult. Defence? “Let’s see now we have some defenders out, Radu for us in moments when we need to raise our heads would have been important. I hope to have him back this week as well as Ramos. Having them all back would be a lot of stuff “

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