the desperate gesture after a diagnosis of cancer

Almost a year after the death of Max Mosley, an official report raises the veil on the causes of the death of the former Formula 1 boss. On the bedside table in the bedroom the agents found a note: “I had no choice”.

Former F1 boss Max Mosley found dead in May 2021 at his home.

Max Mosley he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a rifle. Almost a year after the death of the former Formula 1 boss, confirmation of the tragic end has arrived: behind the extreme gesture – according to what has been learned from the Coroner’s Court in Westminster – there would have been the desperation to have learned to be suffering from end-stage cancer. “Significant injuries consistent with a gunshot wound”is what is written in the official report on the man, who died at 81 years old.

In support of the report there were also other notes on the psycho-emotional conditions of the suicide: the cancer that had been diagnosed was not curable, would have left him little time to live and above all between chronic pain in the bladder and intestines, only partially alleviated by palliative care.

On May 23, 2021, in the Kensington house, Mosley was found dead and wearing a rifle. The agents who arrived at the bedroom door noticed a chilling note. It was written: “Do not enter, call the police”. Inside was the body of the former Circus manager covered in blood, lying on his knees was the double-barreled shotgun with which he had taken his own life. It was the first deduction made by the men of the police who also noticed a note on the bedside table, soaked in blood, on which there were written a few words: “I had no choice.”

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Mox Mosley on track during one of the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Mox Mosley on track during one of the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The medical examiner’s analysis confirmed the first findings, verifying the compatibility of the injuries sustained as a consequence of a suicidal act. Shortly after – as told by the tabloid The Sun – Dr. Rasha Al-Quarainy clarified that Mosley’s cancer had reached a stage that made any type of surgery impossible. In an e-mail dating back to two days before his death – according to what was reported by another specialist overheard on the affair – the former referent from the world of engines appeared extremely upset because his quality of life had deteriorated a lot and he felt discomfort. deep.

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