The end of Catania is a tragicomedy: they talk about reforms but are not even able to guarantee the regularity of a championship

Have you ever seen a championship where a team is excluded a four days from the end, after having played all the first round and almost all the return with one company failed? And so the last in the standings, virtually already relegatedby a miracle she is back in the game, the second suddenly finds herself fourththe results of the field are cleared and the whole ranking is upset at the table. If it seems impossible to you, you don’t know the Italian Serie C. The end of Catania football is one tragicomedy. It would almost be funny if it didn’t come to cry for the Sicilian fans and a bit of all Italian football. Another glorious club of our football disappears, and it is not the first time, it has happened in many squares, since Naples to Florencepassing through Bari And Venice. However, it disappears during the current championship, this is the most serious thing, and even here it is not the first time.

17 February 2019, Cuneo-Pro Piacenza 20-0, the “match of shame”: only three years ago, Serie C seemed to have reached its lowest point ever. Impossible to dig further. Instead, three years later, history repeats itself. This time we spared theembarrassment of the kids sent to the fray, but if the ridiculous communiques of Lega Pro And Figs they try to save form, the substance is even worse. Because that of Catania is a disaster announced. Everyone knew that the Etna people could not have finished the season, not from today, or even from yesterday, but practically from October. And nobody did anything. They left him to play as if nothing had happened, even decent games, with the young man’s attacking goals Luca Moro (perhaps the most promising talent in the entire category). To then get to unplug a few meters from the finish.

Catania has been in for years agony: double first relegation from A to C between 2014 and 2015, then the financial woes of the former patron Pulvirenti and the accumulation of debts, hence the attempt to rescue never took off of the group Sigi, a not too well matched consortium. In the summer the team had been registered for the broken cap at the championshipbut with no money in December the court had declared the failure and the provisional exercise. The last hopes have been extinguished with the disappearance of the purchase proposal of Benedetto Mancinian entrepreneur already known for his not-so-happy past in football (Rieti, Latina). And if it is true – as the person concerned pointed out – that he has never been inhibited by Figswe should also ask ourselves why in this kind of desperate situations this kind of always reappears personages.

The real crux of the story, however, is not what happens now, a epilogue indecorous, inevitable, announced. But what happened there last summer: how is it possible, in 2022, in a professional league of the most important sport in the country, that a team can participate in a tournament without being guaranteed to be able to finish it. Here there are two cases. Or the rules governing the national licenses and the registrations to the championship have not been applied properly, having children and stepchildrenbecause there is also the suspicion that in relation to a less prestigious square there would not have been the same understanding. Or if the Catania he was perfectly in order despite not having a euro – and there is no reason to doubt the work of the control organs -, then it means that the rules simply don’t work. Either way, the system makes water. Indeed, it continues to make water.

“It’s a situation that I never wanted to live “, says the president of Serie C, Francesco Ghirelli. They are words that sound like crocodile tearsbecause we have already experienced this situation with Pro Piacenzawithout forgetting the cases of Rieti, or of Pisa in Serie B. In all these years the rules have changed but obviously the situation has not been resolved. It’s kind of the same story as the disaster of the national team: the leaders who promise revolutions today are the same ones who governed the ball in the last 20 years, the right time for reform is always there next. For this their credibility is zero. Basically, it is from the bankruptcy of Parma in 2015 that the same story is repeated. Then, the A league he paid out of his own pocket to make the Emilians finish the championship, save appearances (and above all the revenues of the tv rights). This time the Lega Pro has returned to the sender the request for a contribution from the court: because an inadmissible precedent would have been created, true, but perhaps because he did not have the same interest in ending the tournament at Catania, as if it were more a problem of the Sicilians than his. Another mistake of assessment. For Catania, basically, nothing changes: today, or in three weeks, failure would have arrived anyway; the passion of the city does not die, football in Catania will be reborn. And the Series Cthe Italian football and its rulers who lose face.

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