the FOM would veto a feature

Virtual reality and cross-play would be confirmed for F1 2022, although the latter would delay. On supercars, FOM veto?

F1 2022 it has not yet been officially announced but rumors about the new chapter of the motorsport series continue to circulate. A few weeks ago the first details on the title of Codemasters and EA Sports were filtered, which had hinted at an edition with futuristic features to kick off a new era for the franchise. Today the same source enriches the picture of the information filtered so far, confirming some, while for others the news would not be good.

The FOM veto on F1 2022 –

As reported by xFire, which first talked about supercars included for the first time in the game, F1 2022 would have them but these would actually be limited to single-player only. Supercars would be fenced in behind timed and career modes, and for a specific reason. “The reason given for this latest change is that Formula One Management (FOM), the main operating company of the Formula One Group, has requested that the inclusion of supercars be downsized, ”explains the source. “It is unclear whether the FOM made this decision after the original report, with many in the vibrant and very vocal F1 community voicing their displeasure and criticizing the move online. Either way, it looks like the F1 game series will remain firmly focused on Formula 1 racing, at least from a multiplayer perspective, for now. “

Cross-play delays, goodbye Sochi –

There would be more bad news about the new features mentioned in the initial rumor. The cross-play, in particular, would be “postponed until after the launch of the game. To be clear, cross-play is still planned for F1 2022; it just won’t be there at launch ”. Cross-play, we remind you, is the feature that allows you to play multiplayer with your friends regardless of the platform: when enabled, it will allow you to compete online on PC, PlayStation and Xbox without barriers. Who will not be there is the Sochi track, which was removed from the Formula 1 calendar following the war in Ukraine; Portimao and China will instead arrive in a second phase, as also happened in Imola last year.

VR and F1 Life –

For the rest, the absence of a story mode would seem confirmed (Braking Point had made its debut in F1 2021), replaced by a user hub called F1 Life, in which to customize your avatar with luxury items and entertain yourself with the aforementioned. supercar. VR, or virtual reality, would instead be confirmed, due to popular demand from the community – even if, for the moment, the platforms that would support it are not indicated. As for the release date, no indiscretions whatsoever seem to filter out for the moment, although the month of July already adopted for the last edition would seem the most welcome launch window.

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