“The goal is to return to the highest levels already this year”

He doesn’t seem to find peace Matteo Berrettini, or rather this assumption has a value if it refers exclusively to the tennis sphere. In fact, while the 25-year-old Roman goes crazy on social media and inflames the gossip columns with new flirts, the field continues to see his attendance decrease more and more with a racket in hand and to reduce its competitiveness in tournaments around the world to miserable drifts. Actually Matteo has never seen him play a tennis match as it would be for a top 10 of his caliber, from the historic semi-final in Melbourne. After the penultimate Australian act, it has garnered only dire disappointments. First a quarter-final in Rio, where Alcaraz took revenge on the first Grand Slam of the year, in a tournament in which Matteo showed a certain difficulty and rigidity in adapting to the change of surface; that for charity for a player of his structure is a physiological situation at the first appointment of the season on red. The problem is that then only external or internal aversions followed one another that did not allow him to have that continuity necessary for him to find a state of at least sufficient form.

And here it comes out one after the other: yet another abdominal injury in Acapulco against Paul, after playing an imaginative first set; the alleged break with Ajla Tomljanovic with consequent emotional instability that forced him to express himself in California far from his best and above all without being able to count on his usual energetic charge with a positive mood; last but not least Florida e the injury to his right hand that prevented him from taking part in the second round of the Sunshine Double. Physical problem, which as Umberto Rianna explained, was due to a pain felt by Cap after performing a backhand volley. Thus the operation arrived, and as scheduled 8 days after the surgery there was a consultation with the doctors for the check-up visit, which however did not have the desired outcome.

This is the post on his Instagram profile with which Berrettini forfeited most of the events of the old continent on red: “Following the medical advice of the experts, my team and I decided not to force recovery times. I am therefore forced to withdraw from the tournaments of Monte-Carlo, Madrid and Rome, thus allowing myself the time necessary to reach the best form. Not participating in these events, particularly in Rome, was an extremely difficult decision which, however, I believe to be the right one to be able to return to the highest levels. Thanks so much for your support. I can’t wait to see you on the pitch soon. “

THE FORFAITS OF THREE “1000” AND THE RISK OF LEAVING THE TOP 10 – Well, as can be seen from the words released in the full social message, the news is that our no. 1 will have to skip the three major events of the season on the European chopped brick, which lead to Roland Garros. Unfortunately, therefore, ouch us the initial prediction that saw the n. 6 of the world forced to give up the “only” Monte Carlo was too optimistic. The reality, in fact, is much harder to digest and the return will not match either Madrid or Rome. This last renunciation is the one that hurts the Roman tennis player the most. Not being able to play in front of his crowd in his city tournament is what torments him the most. A lacerating wound, which is added to that of the Finals in Turin in November last year and which further widens the gap, in terms of points needed to qualify, from that of 2022 just presented.

The dream is becoming more and more faded, as Berrettini will not be able to defend the tally of points captured the past season in the three Masters 1000 on clay and beyond. Respectively the conspicuous nest egg, in its totality, consists of the 45 of the Principality of Monaco, due to the second round; in the 250 triumph at the Djokovic home in Belgrade; in the 600 of the final in the Madrid high ground lost to Zverev; and finally in the 90 of the third round of the Internationals. So making an overall calculation, starting from his current 4945 points, the absences will lead him to have less than 4000 points in total, and consequently would risk losing a couple of positions in the standings. So with the exit from the top 10 that would become concrete. At that point a The Hammer it would take an amazing performance on grass and concrete, during the North American summer, to be able to still hope for the year-end Masters. But even in Church Road, as we all know, the bill is very high.

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